Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

By Fund Development Team


If the title of this article has you feeling a thrill, your fund development team is right there with you. We are thrilled again to be presenting our exciting PCB virtual auction on Sunday, September 19 at the conclusion of the PCB Conference and convention.


So, what’s necessary to make our auction successful? Well, of course, you are! Sure, we do the organizing but, without your always generous donations and without your attendance, we would have no event at all.


Because we want to keep shipping costs down, our theme is once again “great things come in small packages”. Some items that were big hits last year were gift cards, tech gadgets, electronics, games, kitchen tools and of course, baked goods. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for suggested items that can be purchased through online sources.


This year, items must be shipped to our new secretary by August 15 so that auction item lists can be prepared in your preferred format and for our audio engineer, Tony Swartz to have the time necessary to prepare the Auction Item showcase to be held immediately prior to the auction.


Items should be shipped to:

Autumn L. Imhoff

993 State Route 956

Volant PA, 16156


When donating an item, please email or call Tony Swartz at:

610-799-4565 or


with the following information:

Item name

Detailed item description including model number if applicable, size, color, what is included in the package, etc.

Item cost

Where the item is purchased if applicable

How the item will arrive at our secretary’s home, (amazon, QVC, etc.)

Contributor’s name, email address if applicable, phone number, and mailing address


Last year we were close to having our best auction ever. Let’s make it our best this year!

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