Going, Going, Gone!

By Mary Ann Grignon, Auction Coordinator

Can you believe it? the Live auction is only one month away! Once again, the PCB fund Development team and a host of dedicated volunteers will work together in harmony to present this year’s Live Auction at the 2019 PCB Conference and Convention. The auction is being held on Friday evening, October 18, at 8 PM Eastern.

While the majority of the work in planning this fun-filled, fundraising event is shouldered by the Fund Development Team and many other volunteers, there would be no auction without the generous donations made by you, the PCB family and peers.

To spur your imagination and creativity, I have been sending to the PCB-L suggestions from various online resources from which you can choose to purchase auction items. I have also provided an Auction solicitation letter and marketing form for your use when requesting items from community businesses.

If you’re thinking that you don’t really have the funds to contribute but you sure can bake a good bread, knit a lovely scarf or blanket, or, teach a member something at which you excel, we welcome these types of donations as well. In fact, they are some of the items which generate the best bidding and fetch the highest funds.

Once you have obtained an auction item, please inform the Fund Development Team by emailing Tony Swartz at: tbswartz@ptd.net or call: 610-799-4565. Please provide the following information:
1. The name of the Item.
2. A brief description of the item.
3. The value of the item.
4. The contributor of the item.
5. Who and How will the item be delivered to the conference.

In September, we will begin posting the 2019 auction item list on our listservs.

What? You aren’t planning to attend this year’s conference? Well, there’s no reason for you to miss the fun! This year, as in past years, members will have the opportunity to bid on items by phone. To participate, call 515-604-9995 and enter access code 479593 followed by the # sign. Note this is a long-distance call.

Call into the auction line no later than 7:45 to provide your name and contact information to the phone host so we can follow-up if you win the high bid on an item. You’ll be listening live over the phone, so when you hear an item you’d like to bid on, just shout out your bid and it will be relayed in the hall.

If you submit the winning bid, you will be contacted either immediately following the auction or on Saturday for your payment information and to discuss mailing options. Payment by checks will be accepted, but the item will not be shipped to you until the check is received. Please note that you will be charged for shipping. Anyone in the greater Harrisburg area may also pick up an item at our office. Please contact the office prior to picking up an item.

If you have any questions regarding participating by phone or making a donation, again you may contact either Tony Swartz or Mary Ann Grignon.

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