Getting to Know You

By Mary Ann Grignon, Membership Development Leader

First, allow me to take this time to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. However you celebrate, may it be the best of times.

Warning, if you do not read this article to its conclusion, you may miss out on a giveaway opportunity!

While normally I try inserting a bit of wit and humor in my articles, and while I will endeavor not to bore you, my focus for this edition of The PCB Advocate compels me to be a bit more serious than usual.

Let me begin by saying that we, PCB’s leadership really want to know our members. We aren’t voyeurs who just for the sake of gossip want to know what makes you tick, no, we truly want to know you, so we can develop programs that meet your needs, spark your interests and fulfill your desire to network with others in the vision loss community.

To that end, our team worked hard on developing a questionnaire to gather the kind of information that would help us to do just that. I will admit that in error we called this form a network membership form. So, to show you that we are listening to your concerns, we would like for you to think of this as a getting to know you survey.

Let’s break the process down. The top portion of the questionnaire is very much like what you are used to seeing in our old registration form. It entails providing the kind of information that allows us to register you with ACB and keep in touch with you as a member of the PCB network. This encompasses up to and including selecting your membership type. And while you may have provided this information years ago when you first joined the council, we felt it was time to do a major update of everyone’s information because there has been inconsistent annual updating of chapter membership lists.

Below that is where the survey begins. While the next two sections are optional, we are hopeful that in expectation of up-to-date programming that fits your interests and needs, you will complete the survey. Did you know that you could have it your way? That is, order up your survey in braille, large print, do it online at, have one sent to you via email, or do it by phone to the office. Whatever your preference, just ask. We are here to serve! You should also understand that if you experience no change in your circumstances, you need not go through this process again.

During the Q&A portion of Sunday’s session at this year’s conference, there seemed to be some concern that the survey as we will now call it was somewhat personal in nature. Well, I guess in a way, it is personal. That is, it is about you, a member of the PCB network. It is all about the leadership’s need to strive toward making PCB an organization exciting and interesting to all, to you our current members and to any thinking of joining us.

At the end of this edition of The PCB Advocate, you will find the survey already in the format we have listed as your preference. I hope that with the perspective I have put forth above, you will consider completing as much of it as you are willing to share with those of us who want to improve your organization.

Oh, I almost forgot! Now that you have read this piece to its conclusion, I’ll tell you what the giveaway is. Well, if you are a dues-paid member for 2018 or 2019 and you have already completed and submitted the new questionnaire since its release in November 2017, or if you do complete and submit the “Getting to Know You Member Survey” by January 15, 2019, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of three $50 VISA gift cards. How’s that for incentive?

My sincere thanks to those on the Membership Development Team, Rose Martin, Nancy Scott, George Holliday, Mike Gravitt, Will Grignon and of course, Sue Lichtenfels. They are all wonderful.

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