Fundraising News

By Rita Lang, Chair

Thank you to everyone who helped and participated during this year’s live auction, and thank you to those members who donated prizes. We would not have been able to make it happen without your support.
The fundraising team is preparing for the 2016 PCB calendar raffle. Tickets are now available. If your chapter has not already requested an allotment please contact the PCB office so that we can get them to you without delay.

The cost per ticket is $20. The raffle will coincide with the 7:00 p.m. drawing of the PA daily number. This excludes the double draw number. The raffle will begin April 1 and will continue through September 30th. Again there will be three prize levels: $125 for five holiday dates; $75 for the 1st and 15th of each month; and $30 for every other date. Completed stubs including the sellers name and chapter should be mailed with payment to the PCB office by March 14, 2016. Please indicate in the memo field of checks that funds are for the raffle tickets.

As in other years it is vital that you include the chapter’s name on each ticket stub so that your group receives credit for the ticket sale and profit share. Remember the number of tickets the chapter sells determines the amount of profit share the chapter will receive.

To encourage member participation, we will be offering a cash incentive to the top three sellers. The top seller will receive $50, second place will receive $30, and third place will receive $20. Chapter leaders should consider offering an incentive to chapter members as well. Here are a few ideas, restaurant gift cards, cash, or maybe a celebration to thank the chapter for supporting the raffle.
Keep in mind this is the fundraiser that could grow your chapter’s treasury significantly.

The holidays are here. Consider gifting the “True No Measure Cookbook” this season. This unique collection of 223 no-measure recipes is now available in audio with DAISY 3 mark ups or as an MP3. The audio DAISY version makes it easy for the reader to navigate through the sections and recipe topics. Play the book on a Victor or NLS player while in the kitchen searching for that perfect holiday punch. We are grateful to Tony Swartz and Sherri Crum for their tireless effort to record, edit, and format this highly accessible version.

Purchase any of the five fabulous formats by contacting the PCB office at 717-920-9999 or buying online at For 16-point large type, MS Word on CD, audio DAISY 3 on thumb drive or MP3 on thumb drive, the cost is $12.50. The single volume of Braille is $25.

The fundraising team wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous new year.

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