Fundraising Highlights

By Rita Lang, Chair


It is time to put winter behind us and spring forward. This also means that it is time to start focusing on this year’s fundraising opportunities.


The fundraising team would like to thank those members who are participating in the 2015 PCB calendar raffle. The deadline for raffle ticket submissions is fast approaching. So here are a few reminders to our ticket sellers. The raffle will begin on April 1 and end on September 30. Completed stubs, including the seller’s name and chapter, should be mailed with payment to the PCB office by Monday, March 16. Please indicate in the memo field that funds are for the raffle tickets.


As in other years, it is vital that you include the chapter name on the ticket stub so that your group receives credit for the ticket sale and profit share. Each month, the winners will be posted to the pcb-leadership and the pcb-l listservs.


Once again, the PCB Live Auction will be held in conjunction with the PCB Conference and Convention. It will be held on Friday evening October 16 at 8:00 p.m., with some time before to browse the items. The prize solicitation letter and marketing form will be posted on the PCB website and to the PCB listservs in the coming weeks.  Present this letter to local businesses and merchants to request prize donations.


The fundraising team hopes that this year’s Live Auction will have unique and exciting prizes to offer our members. So now is the time to begin searching for that perfect prize. Think about shopping online. Visit and search the blind mice mega mall to find great prize ideas. Go to the mall directory of stores and start shopping. Here are a few online stores the blind mice mega mall has to offer:  Blind Book Stop, Camit Laser-Etched Gifts, En-Vision Inc.-Barcode Reader, Galaxy Audio, Rousettus-Blind Yoga Products, Sundance Baking and Cooking, Treasures Beyond Sight, and VIP Adaptive.


It is not too early to submit your prize information. Email the name of the prize, a brief description and the value to  Stay tuned for future prize postings on our listservs.

Wake up to a beautiful spring morning and enjoy your favorite cup of joe. Order your PCB mug today. The PCB 16 oz. insulated travel mug contains a slide lid for easy sipping and less mess, along with a grip handle. The mug is blue and displays the PCB vintage logo in white and includes the PCB website address. The price is $8 for one, or two for $15.  Order the PCB insulated travel mug by calling or emailing the PCB office.


The fundraising team is always looking for new and innovative fundraising opportunities. Email suggestions to or call 610-841-2832.

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