Fund Development, We’re All in it Together!

By Mary Ann Grignon


Has it been a while since you’ve visited the Fund Development emporium? Well, grab a virtual shopping cart and let’s explore together!


Here, in aisle one we have opportunities to win money for yourself and for your chapter with our calendar raffle. Simply grab some tickets for yourself for $20 each or a bunch to grow your chapter’s coffers. There is a chance to win every night between May 1 and October 31. The winning numbers are drawn each night from the PA state lottery, evening Pick-Three. On most nights, the least you can win if your number is drawn is $30. But hang on– if your number is drawn on either the 1st or 15th of any contest month, you’ll win $75. If you win on one of six holidays: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, or Halloween– well then you will win $125. Just call the PCB Virtual office at 717-920-9999 or toll-free at 877-617-7407 and ask our fabulous new secretary, Autumn, to send you tickets. There are also virtual tickets available. You can find out more by using the tools shared on the PCB-l and PCB-Leadership. If you need these documents emailed to you personally, please contact the author at 570-807-1276 or send her a request at Good luck!


Now, we will move on to aisle two where you can browse items from Loving Touch Connection. When you purchase something lovely, decorated with tactile paint, and embossed in both braille and print, you automatically donate 10% of the cost of your item choice to PCB! If you want to purchase a great gift for someone with vision loss, get in touch with the owner, Kathy Keck for some great ideas. Her email is or call her directly at 610-657-9869


In aisle three, we have the opportunity to donate to PCB and ACB through the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program. Please see below for our article outlining this fun way to give and win.


In aisle four– let’s get cooking! Pick up a No Measure Cookbook in digital format for just a ridiculously low price of just $5. Again, if you’re interested, just call Autumn in our virtual office at 717-920-9999 or toll-free at 877-617-7407.


Now let’s hear it for aisle five, where there’s virtually something for everyone! This is the Amazon Smile isle. A portion of everything you buy from Amazon, when you specifically check out using the Amazon Smile page goes into PCB’s coffers– so shop a lot! To set up an Amazon Smile account, just go to and log in with your Amazon username and password and follow the simple steps to choose the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind as your charity. Once you’ve registered with Smile, it becomes even easier because you can now use your phone’s app to shop through Smile.


While aisle six is empty right now, it will start to fill up with items to be purchased at our virtual auction. Once again, the theme for our auction will be “Great things come in small packages.” The team hopes you’ll send in your offerings to fill this aisle sooner than later so folks can start to browse long before our auction which will be held on September 19, at the close of our virtual auction. This year, because our conference is being held earlier than usual, we will need to have your donations no later than August 20 so we can prepare for the event and so we can put the item lists in alternative formats and have them delivered to all of you in a timely fashion. Last year, the Virtual auction raised nearly $3,800, one of our best years ever. We hope this year we can top this number. The fund development team thanks all of you in advance for your donations.


The Fund Development team continues to look for ideas from you, PCB peers for new ways to raise funds so we can grow our offerings. Our challenge continues to be that people are not gathering in person; therefore, we are seeking virtual fundraising ideas. Every new idea presented will be given serious consideration, so share your thoughts!


Like anything else in PCB, fund development only makes sense if we all collaborate to find ways to grow our funds with the most participation possible. In order to accomplish this, we need your input, talents, ideas and ultimately, you!


Contact Mary Ann Grignon (570) 807-1276 or with your ideas, input and talent.

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