Fund Development Team News

By Tony Swartz, Team Leader

In accordance with our new president’s vision, the Fundraising Committee is now known as the Fund Development Team. The change in name reflects a change in philosophy — a shift away from individual fundraising events to a project oriented approach. In brief, project categories include current PCB merchandising, annual projects, and development of funding streams.

As regards current PCB merchandizing, I would ask you to consider purchasing and spreading the word about PCB’s True No Measure Cookbook. What is it? In the event that you’ve been living under a rock, the cookbook includes 223 recipes which require absolutely no measuring; if you need to prepare a tasty meal but don’t have a measuring spoon or cup, or maybe you cook the way I do? Then this is definitely the cookbook for you! We on the Fund Development Team are particularly excited about the just released, incredibly accessible version of the cookbook in Daisy 3. When you purchase the Daisy version, you’ll receive a thumb drive that may be plugged into the side of your NLS player, and the book will begin playing. Move from major category to major category, through sub-categories of a major category, and from recipe to recipe, just as you would with a talking book. You can also move the book from the thumb drive to your favorite digital Daisy player. As with the large print and Word editions, the Daisy 3 version is only $12.50. So help the team and yourself by buying this edition, and please spread the word.

From our annual projects, we are nearing the end of the sales period of the PCB Calendar Raffle. Based on the April 1st through September 30th evening daily drawing of the Pennsylvania Lottery Pick 3, ticket holders are eligible to win a $30 prize, increasing to $75 on the first and fifteenth of each month, and $125 on each of the five holidays through the period. This year PCB will present $50 to the individual selling the most tickets, $30 to the second top seller, and $20 to the third-best seller.

But what fact do most of us always forget about the PCB Calendar Raffle? Do you know that for several chapters, last year the Calendar Raffle served as the chapter’s greatest source of fundraising? Chapter presidents, take notice! Since the time draws near for the end of sales, if you have unsold tickets, please immediately notify and return unsold tickets to the PCB office.

We all look forward to the events of the annual PCB Conference and one of those events especially, our live auction. It is never too early to begin developing and contacting new contributors of items to the auction. Chapter presidents will there be a contributed item in the name of your chapter?

I’ll close with just a few words about one of the funding stream projects our team is considering. As an advocacy organization, we support the greater use of technologies and formats which provide access to the printed word. We understand that braille over recording provides us with greater accessibility to a given document in part because braille allows us to navigate back and forth through the document. This is especially true if the document is of any complexity. While a Daisy formatted document doesn’t offer quite the level of accessibility as braille, it’s the next best thing, and so far beyond a standard recording of a document. So, could an advocacy organization promote greater accessibility by developing a service and be funded to do so? Time will tell.

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