Fund Development Activities

By George S. Holliday, Team Leader

Fall is right around the corner and the PCB Fund Development Team continues to meet to address the fundraising activities of PCB.

During last year’s PCB conference in Pittsburgh, members were introduced to a very simple Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) fundraising program and contest. It was very successful, so the committee is running the contest again this year.

The MMS 50/50 option is quick, easy, and provides a steady source of funds for ACB and PCB. Supporters commit to donating a monthly amount which is automatically deducted from a bank account or charged to a credit card. You can contribute to both organizations at once and every dollar is tax deductible.

The contest starts Monday, October 1, 2018, and ends Friday, January 18, 2019. There will be a 1st prize of $100 and a 2nd prize of $50 awarded. To enter the contest, you contribute $10 or more per month. Whatever you give, it will be split 50/50 between ACB and PCB. An initial monthly commitment of $10 will place your name in the hat one time, but your name will be entered once for every additional $5. Supporters who already contribute to PCB through the MMS program will be entered in the drawing as well if they increase their commitment by at least $5 per month. In addition, every person who either starts or increases MMS giving will be automatically entered into ACB’s grand prize drawing after its summer 2019 conference.

While it’s true the holidays are coming up, don’t let them discourage your generosity. You can still sign up for the MMS program and defer your first contribution until January. Simply reach out to George Holliday with your name and phone number to let him know you would like to get started with the MMS program. He will share your information with the accountants at the ACB’s Minnesota office who will give you a call to set up your recurring gift. ACB does all the rest. Every quarter PCB will receive a check from ACB.

Note: This contest is not just for members. Family members and friends are welcomed. Members of Lions Clubs and other organizations are participating. Remember, all MMS contributions are tax deductible.

If you wish to enter the contest, or have additional questions, contact George Holliday at or 215-796-9813.

Consider giving the gift of independence and opportunity through the PCB planned giving program. At the PCB Conference on Thursday evening, October 18, come and hear a brief overview of options for donating to PCB through future planning. Join us to learn how these gifts will assist in helping make the world a better place for people experiencing vision loss.

Don’t forget your Room-Rate Fund tickets. You can purchase them through the conference registration process, while you are at the conference, or by calling the PCB office if you are not participating in the conference. Every ticket sold this year assist with room-rate subsidies in future years. Remember, the winners don’t need to be present to win when the winning tickets are drawn at the pre-banquet festivities. That means you can sell these $5 tickets to friends, family members, and fellow chapter members. Fifty percent of the funds raised go into the Room-Rate Fund while the other fifty percent is split among three drawing winners: 25% to first place, 15% for second place, and 10% to third place. Be sure to submit all externally sold ticket stubs and money to the PCB office by Monday, October 15 or in-person to Christina at the conference by Saturday, October 20 at noon.

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