From the Fund Development Team

By Tony Swartz, Team Leader

The Fundraising Team thanks those members who have sold tickets and have otherwise participated in the 2016 PCB Calendar Raffle. We on the team remain a bit disappointed that several chapter leaderships have not considered the benefits of more fully participating. Do keep in mind that the PCB Calendar Raffle was designed to provide a fully developed fundraiser for chapters as well as being a fundraiser for PCB. Daily drawing dates began on April first and will conclude on September thirtieth. Each month the winners will be posted to the PCB-leadership and the PCB-l listservs.

Because there are a number of remaining raffle tickets, PCB is offering discounted tickets for $10. They will be effective from July 1 or the date sold, if later, through September 30. This period could include two $125 holiday drawings. To purchase these tickets, contact the PCB office.

Once again the PCB Live Auction will be held in conjunction with the PCB Conference. With the Maryland affiliate’s participation in this year’s conference, the Live Auction, scheduled for Friday evening October 21st at 8:00 p.m., promises to be the biggest and best yet. How can you help the Fundraising team to make it so? The auction prize solicitation letter and marketing form have been posted on the PCB website and to the PCB listservs. Please make the effort to present this letter to local businesses and merchants requesting prize donations.

With your help, this year’s Live Auction will include unique and exciting prizes to bid on. So now is the time to begin searching for that perfect auction item to submit.

Consider shopping online. Visit and search the blind mice mega mall for great item ideas. Go to the mall directory of stores and start shopping. Here are a few online stores the blind mice mega mall has to offer: Blind BookStop, Body Scentz, Brass Bangles, Camit Laser-Etched Gifts, En-Vision Inc.-Barcode Reader, J&J Trading, Sports Solutions, Sundance Baking and Cooking, Treasures Beyond Sight, and V I P Adaptive. It’s never too early to submit your prize information. Email the name of the prize, a brief description and the value to Stay tuned for future prize postings on our listservs.

A team of PCB walkers will participate in the Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk at this year’s ACB national convention. A team/donor page has been created for PCB. Visit: On the page you can register to walk either on-site or virtually. You can also make donations in support of individual walkers or the team in general. Half of the proceeds raised will be contributed to PCB with the other half contributed to ACB. Please share the page with anyone who may want to walk or make a contribution.

The Fundraising Team can’t do it alone, so we offer a challenge to you. Do you have a new and innovative fundraising idea or opportunity? If so, Contact team leader Tony Swartz at or call 610-799-4565.

Lastly, if you need an idea for a gift for a friend or family member, consider an item of PCB merchandise.

PCB’s True No Measure Cookbook is available in large print or audio daisy 3, with yours truly as narrator, for $12.50. The one-volume braille edition is only $25.

The PCB 16 ounce insulated travel mug with slide lid and grip handle, featuring the PCB vintage logo and our website address is $8 for one or $15 for two.

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