Everyone Has a Gift

By Financial Team


As someone who lost my vision late in life, I have been grateful for the advice of PCB’s peer-to-peer network in making my personal transition. PCB has peers endowed with the willingness and experience to assist others with similar transitions. However, dues and other revenue sources, such as the lottery tickets, alone are insufficient to meet all financial obligations.


While PCB has some financial reserves, supplementing recurring revenue, this source of financial resource needs augmentation to compensate for stock market declines and low interest rates. Dividend and interest income must be supplemented by market value increases and some liquidation to meet all financial needs, but when the market declines, as it did in 2020, any securities sold represented lost opportunities. PCB’s Board implemented cost cutting measures so that existing financial reserves provide an acceptable supplement for the immediate future. However, the long term organizational financial needs and growth of PCB’s advocacy influence demand that financial reserves be increased. This growth is necessary to continue assisting current and new peers in the visually impaired community as technological advancement quickens. Disability rights must also be preserved or improved in these changing times.


PCB’s Financial Team has established an endowment fund. Donations to this fund may be accomplished in various ways. While cash or marketable securities are preferred, donations may also be other forms of property. Donations may be tax deductible depending on your financial situation. Additionally, it may be possible to make donations directly from an IRA or 401(k) account without recording taxable income but fulfilling minimum distribution requirements. You should always consult a financial advisor or tax consultant regarding the taxable status of any donation.


Endowment gifts may be lump sum donations, a series of multiple gifts, the pledge of a future amount, or any combination of these methods. Additionally, an endowment gift may be directed toward a specific program or interest of PCB or used in the general fund. One-time cash gifts are simple to process. Donations involving multiple transactions or other property, including securities, require coordination with PCB’s Financial Team regarding the transfer timing and value.


PCB has many generous peers who willingly share their experience, knowledge, and talents with others. Everyone does not have financial resources beyond what is needed for their immediate needs. If you are financially fortunate enough, then please consider an endowment gift.


Additional information and the pledge form may be found at the Financial Team’s page on PCB’s website at www.pcb1.org. You may also contact the Financial Team by email at pcboffice@pcb1.org.


PCB thrives on the passion and generosity of its peers, whether through gifts of talent, fellowship, and funding. Financial contributions also assist with fostering a more inclusive network regardless of financial status. Please consider a contribution now or in the future.

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