Enjoying a Bike Ride

By Joanne Rath

I have always enjoyed summer! I enjoy being outside, and spending time with family and friends. Every summer, since I was a little girl, we traveled to the Jersey Shore, specifically to Avalon, NJ. We usually spent two weeks there. I enjoyed taking long walks on the beach with my family and friends, and alone with my guide dog. I enjoyed walks during my college years, and later when I had young children too. My husband and children would stay on the beach making castles while I walked. I would tell my husband to start watching for me in an hour. It always worked out, even though my dog really loved the ocean!

So, let’s forward to the summer of 2016, which is when a new adventure began. We started going to Wildwood, NJ with our daughter and her family. That summer, we decided to rent a surrey. The surrey held 6, and we could all peddle. I think that my husband, Hank, and Katie’s husband, Joe, got quite a workout that day. The rest of us were not helping quite as much as we should have. Hank and I enjoyed it so much that the next day, we rented a 2-person surrey. When we returned home from vacation, Hank began researching the purchase of a surrey.

Quite a few years ago, we had a tandem, and we rode it a lot for a while. As I got older, I was not as comfortable because my balance has never been exceptional, and I felt a bit insecure when we rode. We found that another problem with a tandem is with the riders positioned one behind the other, it made it difficult to have a conversation.

Hank found a company in Illinois that makes a “quadricycle.” We were able to go to see one. Fortunately for us, there was one at the manufacturer’s marketing company, located near Lancaster, PA. They told us that if we liked the bike, we could buy it, and they would send another one to the marketing company. We bought it.

Our bike is a four-wheeled bike, and we sit side-by-side. It has a recumbent seat, 21 speeds, a steering wheel for the driver, and a hand break. It has a canopy, and a light, making us very visible when we ride. In the 2 years that we have had the bike, we have ridden about 455 miles. I am glad to be able to tell you that we are in our late 60’s and staying active!

For further information, you can email me at jrath1@rcn.com or contact the company directly. Their website is Vierbike.com. Hank noticed when he was looking on the site that shipping is free! Enjoy your summer! Go outside and be as active as you can!

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