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PCB discussion calls are open to all persons impacted by vision loss. Calls are recorded and archived for future benefit to those who are unable to attend. Please be respectful of others and follow the facilitator’s instructions. Whenever possible, keep out the background noise in your environment by using *6 as a toggle to mute and unmute your line. If you join the call late (more than 3 minutes late), please do not announce yourself until prompted by the facilitator so we avoid talking over the presenters.

Call: 605-475-4715 or Toll-free: 844-844-0414
Enter Passcode: 815419#

Join the Baseball Call!
By Tony Swartz

What a long winter. Did it seem like baseball season would never come? But by the end of the month we’ll be hearing the crack of the bat, the voice of our favorite team’s announcer, and so baseball’s dance into summer and into fall will have begun.

Let’s celebrate the start of the season with a PCB call in. Please join me on Saturday evening March 24th from 7:30 to 9 for a baseball discussion call. Call the PCB discussion line: 605-475-4715, access code 815419#.

Since we’re all experts this time of year, I’d like to hear everyone’s prediction for each division winner and both wild card teams for each league. We’ll also discuss how each of us access our favorite team’s broadcasts: radio, computer or phone app, television, or however else. There are some interesting ways to follow baseball news in general, podcasts, websites, and newspapers through NFB Newsline. Lastly, this is not the old boys club, so I’m expecting the ladies who are baseball fans to join in too.

March Organization Open House

Our second organizational open house will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m. Remember, this is your opportunity to provide your feedback into the organization’s future and to learn about what’s currently going on within PCB. There are at least two topics on which we are looking to gather your feedback. First, Tony Swartz and the AccessiDocs project would like to know what kinds of printed documents do you encounter in your life that you wish would be more accessible? Second, the Membership Development Team is considering the development of special interest affiliates. These would be like chapters that meet virtually and have a focus that is based on specific interest areas, not geographically centered efforts like most of our chapters. The team wants your feedback on special interest affiliates that might be of interest to you, such as dog guide users, young professionals, students, families, library users, etc. Please bring your ideas and questions on these and other topics to help us improve our organization.

Healthful Devices and Tips
By Nancy Scott

Health is vital for everyone. Join us on Monday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. for a PCB discussion call featuring an exchange of information about medical devices, tips, and health strategies for people impacted by vision loss.

Do you have a talking thermometer or blood pressure device to recommend? How do you measure insulin? How do you identify prescriptions? Are bedroom slippers better than bare feet?

These are just a few examples of possible topics. Whether you are young or not so young, what help for health can you share? Bring your energy and experience and learn some new tricks about health with vision loss.

Sharing Our Successes

On Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m., join us as we share and celebrate our stories of success. Your accomplishment can be advocacy related such as getting a restaurant to offer a braille menu or having your paratransit change a policy. Or, your achievement could be learning a new skill such as mastering the grill to cook an amazing steak or venturing out to a new place alone. The only ground rule is that it’s got to be something you achieved as an individual, not as part of a larger group or chapter. Each of us will be given a three-minute nugget of time to sing our own praises and tell the others how we danced our way to success. So, bring on those brags and let’s celebrate!

The Host of Tonight’s Show Is…
By Mary Ann Grignon, Membership Development Team Leader

So, be honest, have you ever fantasized about being the host of a talk show? I’ll admit it, I have. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy hosting PCB discussion calls.

Well, if you’ve been paying attention to PCB lately then you know that we’ve been putting on a number of discussion calls each month, hosted by various individuals covering a myriad of topics. Have we been hitting on topics of interest to you? The membership team would love to have your feedback. Whether we have covered topics of interest to you or if you would like to suggest a topic, we are listening.

It’s as simple as telling us what your passion is. Tony Swartz is passionate about baseball. He invites you to join him as he hosts “Play Ball” on March 24. My passion is finding interesting new apps for my iPhone, so I had a blast hosting our Bring Your Favorite App call last year.

Whether you are the hosting type or just want to sit in on a fun, informative and friendly discussion, we need to hear from you, so we are sure to meet the needs of all of those in our PCB family. Please email me at maryanna0407@gmail.com with any ideas or feedback you have. Or if you prefer, call the PCB office and I or someone will call you back.

To keep abreast of when our discussion calls are being held and what topics are
being covered, check your email for PCB network news and happenings or check out the calendar on the PCB Announcement Line at 773-572-6314.

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