Demystifying PCB Website Content

By Susan Lichtenfels, Chair

Over the past several months members of the Content Committee and PCB leadership have received feedback from our members conveying their frustration with locating specific information on the website. In this article I offer a synopsis of what and where to find various information on the site. Before I begin though, I ask members to keep three things in mind. First, the website is just over a year old and it is continually being updated to include additional information and suggested modifications. So, while the content description is accurate right now, as we improve usability, changes may be made. Second, the site has been designed to meet the needs of visitors with varying degrees of vision and is accessible to all. Finally, visitors using screen readers and magnification software may find the site easier to navigate if they use heading navigation rather than scrolling with the up and down arrows.

When you open, you have reached the Home page of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. At the top of this page and each subpage within the site is a search box which allows you to perform a search on the entire site’s contents. If you have been having difficulty locating a particular piece of information, and I do not cover where to find it in this article, try the search box for your inquiry.

Next up on the page is the main menu. Currently this includes seven links. Like the search box, these seven main menu links appear at the top of every subpage. The links are: Home, The PCB Advocate, Topics & Events, Inside PCB, Become a Member, Supporting PCB, and Contact Us. Once I have completed my description of the Home page, I will explain the content available when you access each of these links.

On the Home page, after the main menu is a brief description of PCB’s mission and advocacy efforts. Because this is the first page visitors explore, it includes a Featured section on the left side of the screen. This is where we highlight announcements and key postings. As I write this article, the Featured section includes the three most recent Convention Blasts, the article “People with Vision Loss Need TheReImage,” and the summer President’s Message. This physical section of the page is where you will find the “meat” of each sub page’s contents.

Finally, what I consider the third section of the Home page appears on the right half of the screen and contains links for Facebook and Twitter users and an edit box for you to subscribe to the PCB website. If you subscribe you will be notified whenever new posts and updates are made to the site. Also in this section is the “Spotlight on Advocacy” blog. Because we are an advocacy organization, this blog is currently available in this section on every sub page as well.

Now that I’ve provided you with an overview of the PCB Home page, I would like to describe for you the content you will find when using the main menu links. Remember that once you click on any of these links, you want to navigate past the main menu to find the “meat” of what you are seeking.

Home—Clicking on this link will always take you back to the home page that I described above with the Featured section.

The PCB Advocate—This link will give you a list of the sections within The PCB Advocate. For example, President’s Message, Chapter Updates, Committee Communications, etc. Click on a section to read the most recent articles posted to that section. In addition to this list of sections you will find the submission and editorial information.

Topics & Events—Currently this is where all of the discussion blogs and upcoming event information can be found. The blogs include: “Spotlight on Advocacy” as described earlier; “Eye 2 Eye” from the PCB Low-Vision Committee; “Imprints Rather Than Footprints” from the Braille and Accessible Formats Committee; “TAC Talk” from the Technology Access Committee; “Learn and Earn” from the Education and Employment Committee; and “Convention Blast” where you will find all information related to the upcoming convention. In the future, this section may also include a “Calendar” section where we will post regionals, chapter events, and relevant happenings.

Inside PCB—When you choose this link you will find a list of links related to the operation of the PCB organization. The “Current Members” includes links to membership documents as well as files produced for member use such as the award nomination form and prize solicitation letter. The “Chapters” link displays the contact information for each chapter president along with links to chapter websites where available. When you click on “Committees” the list of links to each PCB committee comes up. The fourth link on the “Inside PCB” page is “Governance.” Here you will find links to the Board of Directors list, the PCB Bylaws, and other leadership related documents.

Become a Member—As advertised, this link will lead to a printable membership form, the online at-large form, and other documents that may be of interest to prospective members.

Supporting PCB—This page displays four ways to support PCB including GoodSearch/Shop, car donations, purchase of the True No Measure Cookbook, and direct contributions through PayPal or postal mail.

Contact Us—When you click this link it brings up an online contact form and the PCB contact information.

Remember, if you are unable to locate the information you seek, the search box is available at the top of each PCB page. And if you still can’t find it, send an email to with your question. Happy surfing!

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