Deadlines to Keep in Mind

By Carla Hayes, Parliamentary Team Leader

As you probably know, the former PCB Resolutions Committee and Bylaws Committee have been combined into what is now known as the Parliamentary Team. Members of the Parliamentary Team include Tom Burgunder who serves as our Board liaison; and former Resolutions Committee members John Luttenberger, Fran Sine and me. The Parliamentary Team will now have the responsibility of preparing all PCB resolutions and bylaw changes for presentation at the PCB Annual Conference. We can also assist chapters with writing and revising bylaws, and we can help PCB members, teams, chapters, and other groups with the process of writing resolutions. As you can see, we are a small team with lots of work to do. Here is how you can help.

First, remember that any individual PCB member, team, chapter or group within PCB can propose changes to the PCB Bylaws. An organization’s bylaws should be a living document which can be changed when circumstances make it necessary. As a member of PCB it is a good idea to read over the PCB bylaws periodically so that you will be familiar with the structure of PCB and the procedures that we follow. The PCB Bylaws can also serve as a guide to local chapters as they write or revise their own bylaws. To review the most recent revision of our bylaws, go to

Second, now is the time to begin considering resolutions that should be presented at the PCB Conference and start working on them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! As with bylaws, resolutions can be written and submitted by any individual member of PCB, or any team, chapter or group within PCB. Allow time during chapter and team meetings to discuss and work on resolutions. Also, you should schedule time at regional conventions to discuss possible resolutions; and the process of writing and submitting them. In past columns, I have discussed “WHEREAS” and “RESOLVE” clauses and guidelines for crafting an effective resolution. This information will be reviewed in future columns. For now, use PCB and ACB resolutions as models when writing your resolutions and feel free to call on the Parliamentary Team for help.
Finally, don’t forget these deadlines. The deadline for submitting proposed bylaw changes is April 30th. THIS IS A FINAL DEADLINE AND IT CANNOT BE EXTENDED! August 15th is the deadline for submitting resolutions if you want them to be presented at the PCB Conference. THIS DEADLINE WILL BE ENFORCED! Only emergency resolutions of an extremely time-sensitive nature will be considered after this date and very few resolutions would fall into this category! So, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGES AND RESOLUTIONS! If a resolution or a proposed change to the PCB Bylaws is worth considering, it is best to start working on it as early as possible so that you will have plenty of time to prepare and refine it. Thank you in advance for adhering to these important deadlines.

All proposed bylaw changes and resolutions can be submitted by Email to me at Alternatively, they can be mailed to me in any format (braille preferred) at: Carla Hayes, 230 Robinhood Lane, McMurray, PA 15317. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 724-941-8184.

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