A dash of this, a can of that…


the true no measure cookbook


Convenient, simple, and tasty


This book is designed for cooks who have neither the time nor the interest in creating an elaborately detailed recipe that requires either an eagle eye or a steady hand to make yummy dishes. So, if you can find them, throw out your measuring cups and spoons. This cookbook is the “No Measure Zone.” Every recipe uses the quantities you’re most familiar with: a bag of this, a half a can of that, a box of those, two eggs, and a handful of them. The only thing you’ll be measuring is the amount of time and frustration you’ve saved by not measuring.


This unique idea is the brainchild of Morgan Park, a mom, student, worker, and person with a disability. Her vision is an easy to read and simple to follow collection of recipes that take the challenge out of preparing tasty dishes. Among the people Morgan believes this cookbook will help are: busy moms, college students, kitchen phobes, bachelors or widowers, newly weds, and people with disabilities such as vision impairment, manual dexterity deficits, and palsy.


Dozens of individuals contributed to the creation of this cookbook. We are extremely grateful to every person who either donated recipes or assisted with the formatting of this book. The proceeds from the “No Measure Cookbook” project will benefit the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. Please read about PCB’s mission and work on the pages of this website.




16-pt Large Type (spiral bound soft cover)               $12.50

Braille (1 volume in Grade 2)                                    $25.00

DAISY File (on CD, or by receiving a link to download)                 $12.50

MS Word (on CD, or by receiving a link to download)                            $12.50


All hard copies will be shipped “Free Matter for the Blind.”


Mail order and payment to:

            PA Council of the Blind

            931 N. Front Street

            Harrisburg, PA 17102.


or use PayPal to purchase the True No Measure Cookbook.

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For more information:

            Call (412) 429-1727

            Email cookbook@pcb1.org

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