Convention Blast: What’s the 411?

In our final pre-convention Audio edition of the Convention Blast, we’re bringing you the 411. What’s the 411 you ask? It’s the important information you need to know about attending the 2014 PCB State Convention & Conference. We even have information about getting information…Meta!

In this episode we will cover:

  • Key points to remember about this year’s convention,
  • Available documents  for online and offline access
  • Accessing information based on your individual needs
  • Pro-tips for new convention attendees

Simply put, if for some crazy reason you haven’t listened to any of the past blasts, you need to listen to this one. Everything you need to know is covered here. And now that I publicly made this claim I’m sure someone will let me know what I left out. If that is the case, please ask your question in the comments of the post and I will reply there so we all can have access to the information.

And now on your mark, get set,

      listen to the October Blast!


Please join me in sending a loud booming thank you to our very special sponsors of this year’s 2014 PCB State Convention & Conference:


Platinum Sponsor:

Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Silver Sponsor:

PA Association for the Blind

Bronze Sponsor:

PMC Pharmacy


PCB Holiday Shopping Center

Shopping as a person with vision loss can be challenging. Why not take advantage of this opportunity. Purchase from independent consultants representing the below vendors in the Exhibit Hall and they will donate 20% to PCB.

Tastefully Simple

Thirty-One Gifts

The Pampered Chef

Mary Kay


When you’re done with your shopping visit our other exhibitors and learn how they can help you.

  • Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation
  • Freedom Guide Dogs
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind
  • Lengua-learn Communications


It’s gonna be a blast in Johnstown!

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