Convention Blast The How May I Edition-

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

In this

episode of the Convention Blast We begin to bring you information on presentations and workshops scheduled for the #2014PCB State Convention & Conference.

It’s fitting that in this May episode, we answer the question that’s on the minds of some…

“How may I help PCB?”

[Get it! May I…It’s May…ahh, forget it!]

Join the Promoting Convention Brigade (PCB)!

What is the Promoting Convention Brigade? Well, you know how to find out;

      Hit the link and listen!

Special shout out to Bobbi Simmons and Joe Fagnani for their participation in this episode.

Convention details

Official Hash Tag: #2014PCB

  • The Boom is in the audio!
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