Convention Blast: Planting A Seed for Convention

April is a great time to plant the seeds that will allow you to bloom, not in May, but rather October! Just in time for the PCB State Convention & Conference.

There are so many ways to act now and reap the fruit of your work in the near future:

Checkout the opportunities mentioned in the latest PCB Advocate for chapters, businesses and even individual’s to sponsor events held during this year’s convention.

Start saving now!
Rather than waiting until September to begin thinking about the convention expenses, why not begin planting some money away now and dig it up in October. (Enough with the farming references; I’m a kid from the city, what do I know about farming anyway?)

Agenda Item, Convention Memories!
Some chapters around the state may have new members or existing members that are unfamiliar with attending a PCB Convention. Take a few minutes during your next chapter meeting and let one person tell a favorite story highlighting the benefits of attending a convention. Do you have a particularly entertaining memory you’re willing to share with others? Let me know and I may include it in a future blast!

We’ll have more to tell you soon about the program, but I can definitely tell you that this year’s convention is lining up to be entertainment heavy. If you enjoy meeting people, having fun all in a friendly and accessible environment, then make sure you are in the Crown Plaza Hershey in Harrisburg on Thursday October 15 when we kick off the 2015 PCB State Convention & Conference.

“It’s not a PCB Convention without a blast”

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