Convention Blast: College orientation

Students of diverse backgrounds walking to class on a college campus

My college days are long gone, thankfully!

Chances are as you read this, many young college freshman are preparing for their first year of higher education. Students with vision loss have some very specific challenges that may not be addressed by the general university administration.

This episode of the Convention Blast has to be my all-time favorite to date. For one reason, we feature Rose Martin (@rosem92 on Twitter) who is coordinating the Student’s Seminar being held as a part of the #2014PCB State Convention & Conference. I’m very happy to play a small part in bringing this valuable information to new and soon to be college students.

Secondly, I had a good time with this episode. It allowed me to be, well, a bit more creative. I guess you can say it brought my inner youth out! Don’t miss this episode where you can learn how Rose earned her nickname “Beat Box Rose!”

Once you’re finished listening, take a look at the 2014 PCB State Convention & Conference Schedule now online.

Without any further ado, the Convention Program & Planning Committee Present’s;

      2014 Convention Blast: Student's Seminar

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