Conference Scholarships Available

By Jule Ann Lieberman, Team Leader

The Affiliate and Membership Relations Team is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has approved three full first-time student scholarships, four returning student stipends and one full, first-time non-student scholarship to attend this year’s conference being held in Harrisburg October 20-23, 2016.

The three student scholarships will be awarded to first time conference attendees and will include: conference registration, ground transportation, hotel cost of a shared room, and meals. The student stipends will be in the amount of $100.00 to help off-set some of the expenses for returning students. Students enrolled in high school or college, are eligible for support.

We are offering one non-student PCB member who has never attended the conference the opportunity of a full scholarship including registration, hotel cost of shared room, ground transportation and meals. Chapter Presidents, PCB Team Leaders, and Board Members are encouraged to nominate individuals who have actively participated in the work of the chapter or state organization. It is our hope that this will encourage future conference attendance and greater participation in the work of PCB.

All scholarship and stipend applications are due by Friday, September 23, 2016. Applications can be downloaded from or requested from the PCB office at 877-617-7407.

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide additional financial support for more members to attend the annual conference. We ask our chapters to consider offering some level of financial support or subsidy to members interested in attending the conference. Fund raising activities such as bake sales, raffle tickets, and bingo games can raise funds specific to this cause. For additional ideas on fundraising contact the PCB Fund Development Team.

Members may want to consider cutting conference costs by sharing a room. The PCB office can assist with posting requests for sharing a room with a fellow PCB member. Other suggestions include packing your own breakfasts and snacks. For lunch consider the less expensive, off-site options. The Crown Plaza is centrally located in the business district. There is a food court in a nearby shopping center for fast-food alternatives.

The Affiliate and Membership Relations Team is open to any and all suggestions to expand more opportunities for members to join us at our conference this year and in future years. Feel free to send your ideas to Jule Ann Lieberman at or call in the evening to 610-688-6517.

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