Champion for Deaf-Blind Services

Marsha Drenth was appointed in June 2015 as program manager for the PA’s DeafBlind Living Well Services (DBLWS). Marsha is a person who is deafblind and states that she overcomes her deafblindness by using tactual sign language to receive communication when her assistive hearing devices are insufficient. She can clearly voice for herself. She attended the Helen Keller National Institute for Deafblind Youth and Adults from November 2013 through July 2014 where she learned tactual sign, orientation and mobility skills, technology, and became familiar with Support Service Providers (SSP) programs and curricula. Marsha has used SSP’s on many occasions for professional, educational, and personal needs, having both good and bad experiences.

Marsha is a wife, a mother of three teenagers, and a recent graduate of Temple University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is passionate about empowering persons who are deafblind, hard-of-hearing, deaf, and blind to receive the services they need for engaging their culture, becoming productive members of society, interacting with their environments, and expressing their own voice to influence their future.

To learn more about DeafBlind Living Well Services contact Marsha by leaving a message at 717-731-1900, by email to or by VP at 717-255-0124.

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