Mar 05

2022 Merit Awards

By Peer Engagement Team   Once again, PCB is seeking two worthy recipients, each to receive a no-strings-attached $1000.00 Merit Award for those attending a post-secondary vocational or educational institution. Whether seeking a professional certification, a bachelor’s degree, or the … Continue reading

Dec 12

The Six Hard Truths About Self-Advocacy

By Melissa Carney   At one point or another in our lives, we have all heard the term “advocacy.” We may have heard it in reference to standing up for a group, individual, or specific cause. Or perhaps it was … Continue reading

Dec 12

Make the Difference: Join a PCB Team!

By Chris Hunsinger   The New Year is approaching, and PCB teams are again looking for new blood, new energies, new ideas, and new accomplishments. PCB cannot survive with the same small group doing most of the work.   Let … Continue reading