Jul 15

Your Rights when Your Health Goes Wrong

By Sue Lichtenfels The old saying, “Nothing lasts forever,” most definitely applies to these complex biological machines we call our bodies. Regardless of how much we exercise, watch our weight, and practice a healthy lifestyle, eventually our bodies do require … Continue reading

Dec 22

Meet the 13-Year-Old Who Invented a Low Cost Braille Printer

By Brittany Shoot September 18, 2015 Excerpted from Smithsonian.com One California teen has a vision to make Braille materials more widely available and more affordable. According to the National Federation of the Blind, at https://nfb.org/braille-initiative fewer than 10 percent of … Continue reading

Dec 22

Accessible Prescription Labels

ScripTalk audible prescription labels are now available nationwide at all local Rite Aid and Walmart pharmacies, as well as at several national mail-order pharmacies. Rite Aid and certain mail-order pharmacies also offer large print and Braille prescription labels. Be aware … Continue reading