Capital City Chapter News

By Cathy Long

In early July we lost another member, Leona Perry, beloved wife of past PCB president, Joe Perry. She lost her fight with cancer in the beginning of July, 2015.

Leona met Joe in Butler, PA when he worked for the Blind Association as a rehabilitation teacher. She applied for a job as his driver. They developed a friendship that became love. Joe and Leona have one son, Kevin, and three daughters, Ruth, Linda, and Joanne. She had six granddaughters and two great grandchildren.

Leona was all about family and hospitality. She was a great cook and a fine baker. She never forgot where she came from. At least once a month until she was unable to do so, Leona and her family drove halfway to Butler, and the Butler family drove halfway to Central PA, where they met at a restaurant and spent time together. Leona was a fine example of strength and humility. She was the perfect example of a good woman behind a successful man. She has taught her daughters well her values and what is important in life.

PCB has received many contributions in memory of Leona. While we are appreciative of these gifts, we are most grateful for the time we had with Leona.

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