Calling All…

By Mary Ann Grignon, Conference Team


More than usual, this article is speaking to you, all PCB peers!

This year’s conference theme is “Strengthening Community through Unity.” As we all know, it’s not just a theme for PCB, it’s what we do all the time as a peer network. We gather, we share, we look out for one another.


So, why am I stating what might seem obvious? Because your conference team is calling on you, our PCB family to share your knowledge, experiences, and gifts this fall from September 16-19 at our virtual event.


First, we are calling all crafters to participate in a peer-driven panel discussion to be heard by and shared with, well, the world listening to our PCB conference through ACB Radio. We want you to describe what it is you do and how you do it. Whether you make jewelry, pottery, or soaps, whether you knit, crochet, or create some other craft I haven’t imagined, we want to hear from you! Your story can inspire others to follow their creative dreams. The conference team is ready to help you craft your part of a panel presentation. Step up and share!


Next, we are calling on those who volunteer in their communities in areas other than blindness to tell us about your endeavors. We are making this distinction because so many of us volunteer within PCB and other blindness organizations. However, many of us, including myself, are unsure how we might step out of our blindness comfort zone to contribute to our larger community. If you are the kind of outgoing individual who volunteers reading aloud in a library, serving meals at a soup kitchen, working with youth groups, or doing something else, we would like you to tell your story in a panel discussion during this year’s conference. Please volunteer to enlighten your peers about how you got involved in the opportunity, what your relationship with sighted volunteers is like, and what challenges you’ve faced and overcome. We would love to hear from you, because most certainly, you are strengthening your community through unity!


Finally, the Conference Team is working with the Peer Engagement Team to create a gadget gallery to be enjoyed at this year’s virtual conference. We are calling on anyone who has discovered a gadget, either low tech or high tech that has made a particular task so much easier, to share the resource with our peers.

Have you found a device to help in the kitchen, a tool to save time cleaning the house, a container for organizing, or such? We will make it easy for you to participate by prerecording your description of the product, where you found it, and how it works. With a little audio editing magic, our conference team will have you sounding like a professional gadget guru.


The best part of taking advantage of these opportunities is that because we are once again holding a virtual conference, you don’t have to fuss with your hair, makeup, or wardrobe. In fact, you can collaborate and share your expertise in your PJ’s if you like!


A virtual conference still takes real planning, so please contact us today to offer your talents, experiences, and gifts, contact:

Mary Ann Grignon at:

570-807-1276 or email at:

Or your conference planning leader:

Sue Lichtenfels at:

412-480-9696 or


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to prepare your presentations.

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