Calling All Actors!

The Golden Triangle Mystery Dinner Theatre presents “Murder at the Tonylou Awards.” This is an audience-participation murder mystery-comedy by Tony Schwartz and Marylou Ambrose. It will be produced by special arrangement with The Lakeside Players, Tafton, PA. The one-time performance is scheduled for Saturday, October 17, 2015, immediately following the PCB Conference and Convention Banquet.


The Plot:

During a live broadcast of the Tonylou Awards, someone is mysteriously murdered. Of course, as the evening unfolds, we learn that each cast member has a motive for murder. It’s the job of the audience to figure out “who-done-it.”


This GTCB-sponsored production will be a one-of-a-kind event that you won’t want to miss. What will make it so unique is our cast. All actors will be members of the PA Council of the Blind. So, if you’ve already been bitten by the acting bug, or if you’ve only dreamed of being in theatre, this may be your opportunity to shine. Consider this our Call for Auditions.


For additional information about how to get involved, please review the three items below:


  • Cast of Characters
  • Requirements for Participation
  • Audition Details.


We are eager to hear from all who wish to be a part of this production. If anything is unclear, or if you have questions, please contact Sue Lichtenfels at 412-429-1727 or


Cast of Characters:


  1. J. HARDCASTLE: Son of Tonylou Award founders and host for evening


  1. J. HARDCASTLE: T.J.’s jealous sister


CONSTANCE GABBLES: Well-known comedienne and gossip columnist


LORNA LUSH: Has-been actress with a drinking problem


ANGELINA CANOLI: T.J’s wife, an award-winning actress


CELIA B. DE MILO: Movie mogul famous for “discovering” young male actors


MONTY CARLO: Latin actor trying to break into American movies


FUNKY BREWSTER: Teen star of Broadway hit, “Annie Goes through Puberty”


CLAUDE-JEAN VAN DUMBE:  Karate champ/action hero; Celia’s latest “discovery”


ANNOUNCER: Backstage manager/TV announcer


Requirements for Participation:


  • Must guarantee attendance at 2015 PCB Convention, including post-banquet
  • Must attend telephone-conference-based rehearsals from April to October, as the

production team deems needed

  • Practice your role on your own time between organized rehearsals
  • Attend on-site walk-through rehearsal during the 2015 PCB Convention
  • Consult with the production team about appropriate costume attire, which will be provided by the actor
  • Be open to constructive feedback and respectful of others opinions and




Telephone-based auditions will be scheduled for early April. If you wish to audition for one of the roles, please contact Sue Lichtenfels by phone at 412-429-1727 or by email to in order to schedule your audition appointment. You will then be emailed a sample script with which to prepare for the audition. You must request an audition by April 6, 2015.


Please note that once the final cast has been selected, those individuals will receive the full script in their preferred format.


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