Braille Embosser Remains Available at a Significant Discount

A year ago, member Mary Ann Alexander donated a very lightly used Juliet Pro 60 to PCB for sale to a PCB member at half of its original price. Throughout the year, several members expressed an interest but circumstances arose that prevented them from purchasing the braille embosser. PCB is again offering the embosser for purchase.


The history of the embosser is as follows: First purchased in 2011, the embosser was used to print off a small number of short documents. Before offering the embosser to PCB, Mary Ann shipped the embosser to Enabling Technologies for preventive maintenance. The embosser was then sent to the PCB office directly.

Enabling Technologies describes the embosser as follows:

Built in a sturdy steel enclosure, the Juliet Pro 60 is a durable, desktop embosser which produces high quality double sided braille up to 40 characters per line, at 60 characters per second. This embosser provides speech feedback along with the capabilities of producing braille on cut sheets of paper, as well as continuous form, tractor feed paper.


The Juliet Pro 60 comes standard with the following capabilities and features: embossing speed up to 60 characters per second, embosses 6 or 8 dot braille, embosses regular (12.5 DPI) and high resolution (17 DPI) graphics, dynamic Braille Scaling for different braille sizes, embosses high-quality, double-sided braille on continuous form, tractor feed braille paper up to 15 inches wide, includes Single Sheet Tractors that will allow you to emboss up to 22 lines on 11 inch non-tractor paper (such as letterhead or other special media) by hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the embosser, and multi-copy up to 99 copies of a document.


The Juliet Pro 60 comes with built in USB, parallel and Ethernet ports and easily connects to your modern computer system or Braille Notetaker.


As the embosser was contributed by Mary Ann as a means of raising funds for PCB and an opportunity for one of our members to obtain a discounted embosser, the embosser is offered for sale under the following conditions:

  1. Sale price $2,250.00 plus any associated shipping costs from the PCB office to the member’s home.
  2. The embosser is offered as final sell with no return.
  3. Payment will be accepted only in full by cash, check, or money order.
  4. The embosser will be offered to the first PCB member or any other individual or organization calling the PCB office 9:00 a.m. or later Monday, January 12, 2015. No offers of purchase will be accepted prior to the stated time and date. Members are to call 717-920-9999.
  5. Shipment will follow the receipt of funds.
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