BLT Art for a Cause

By Diane Krek

Greetings fellow PCB members. My name is Diane Krek and I have RP. I am a member of the PCB Vision Loss Resource Team, the current Vice-President of the Washington County Chapter and am also an artist. After having to leave my job in 2014 due to diminishing eyesight, I was determined to do something to help future generations not have to deal with vision loss. I decided to use the remaining vision that I have and paint a series of pictures, sell prints and raise money for blind research and blind advocacy associations.

I started my business, BLT Art in January 2016. My first series of paintings are coastal scenes. My whole concept is to feature in each painting, objects that I enjoyed visiting and viewing while I still had my vision. Those objects are Bears, Lighthouses and Trains. In my paintings, I either include those items directly, or items related to those objects. The whole concept is to promote vision awareness.

I currently have 3 paintings available on my website, Each print is matted, personally signed and numbered. I include a certificate of authenticity and a thank you, listing who the proceeds from your purchase went to. I intend to auction the original paintings off after a substantial number of the prints are sold and 100% of the sale price will be donated. I have an autumn scene that I will be releasing in September and a winter scene in November.

I have dedicated 20% of all my print sales to a blindness related charity or association. For the first half of 2016, I chose the PCB and have donated $100.40 from my sales and also received $55 in additional donations from my customers. I am proud to announce that I have donated $155.40 to the PCB Student Scholarship Fund.

Please go to my website, and look at my artwork. Orders can be placed online or in person at the exhibit hall of the upcoming PCB Conference.
Together, with your help, a cure for blindness is just around the corner!

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