Beyond the Normal for PCB Elections

By George Holliday, Nominating Team

In the past, the PCB Nominating Team would have posted an article in the summer edition of The PCB Advocate to inform you of the upcoming elections and to seek nominees for the board. Because of all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we had to do things differently this year.

So, let’s begin with the convention going virtual. Once that decision was made, the Nominating Team requested members interested in declaring themselves as candidates for election to the PCB Board of Directors to submit a statement of intent and a biographical note. The Team received five statements of declaration for the four board positions.

There are two members eligible to run for their second two-year term and two members finishing a one-year term who can each run for a two-year term.

Following our current practice, those declaring their interest as candidates were asked to prepare and record a statement based on questions submitted by the Nominating Team. In addition, those seeking a position as a member of the PCB Board of Directors were asked to respond to a mandatory question and to one of two optional questions. Questions posed were:

Mandatory Question:
What do you see as your role and your greatest responsibility as a member of the Board of Directors of PCB?

Optional Questions:
1. What do you believe is your most important attribute which will assist you as a member of the Board of Directors of PCB and why?
2. As a member of the Board of Directors of PCB, is there a particular initiative of our organization’s mission or administration to which you will dedicate your efforts or expertise?

The declared candidates seeking election to the Board of Directors are:
John Anderson
Suzanne Erb
William Grignon
Cathy Long
Sandy Marsiglia

Candidates’ recorded statements will be posted on the website in the conference section. In addition, the candidate statements will also be available from the PCB information Line at 773-572-6314. Select option 6 (Peer Perspectives) to hear from these peers. For peers receiving this publication in audio, the candidate statements will follow this reading. The Nominating Team urges you to take the time to review all candidate statements.

On Thursday, October 1st, the Nominating Team will publish, on PCB’s general and leadership listservs, its recommended slate of candidates for board positions. As specified in our bylaws, any paid member may seek nomination from the floor during the elections, to be held this year during the afternoon of October 24, 2020 during the business meeting. Declared candidates who are not on the slate are encouraged to campaign to be nominated from the floor. Persons not in attendance at the convention cannot be nominated from the floor unless they have notified the Nominations Team of their interest in running by Friday, October 9, 2020. Contact the team by emailing or calling Team Leader George Holliday at 215-796-9813.

Stay tuned for additional information on the election.

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