Banking Accessibility

Periodically, many of us have taken time to complete different online surveys seeking information on how people with vision loss complete various tasks. It’s not that often that we hear about the results of such surveys.

For more on the survey results that several may have participated in regarding the accessibility of banking.; read the article titled: “Exploring the accessibility of banking and finance systems for blind users” by Brian Wentz, Dung (June) Pham, and Kailee Tressler.

The following abstract is taken from that article:

With the widespread use of and increasing reliance on Web-based banking and financial systems by many consumers and businesses today, it is important to
ensure that banking and financial systems provide equitable and full access for individuals who are blind. There is currently little publicly available
research on the topic of blind users and accessible Web-based banking and financial systems, apart from anecdotal commentary and experiences. Recognizing
this lack of concrete data and the critical need to ensure equitable access to these systems, we began an exploratory study to investigate the accessibility
issues within banking and financial systems. The results of our survey comprise the first formal, peer-reviewed research that documents the state of accessibility
problems on banking and finance systems and provides insights and future research suggestions that could improve the user experience of these systems for
individuals who are blind.

Read the article:
“Exploring the accessibility of banking and finance systems for blind users”

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