Auction Anticipation

By Tony Swartz

As mentioned in the last edition of The PCB Advocate, the Live Auction held at the 2016 PCB Conference proved quite successful. The auction’s total profit was $3,870, with $300 returned to the Maryland affiliate based on their contributions to the auction.

The Fund Development Team’s annual goal is to improve on both the return from the previous year’s auction and to enhance the experience for participating members. While the Team will do its part, much of the success of the auction is dependent on the interest, cooperation, and generosity of our membership. Our team would ask that members and chapters seriously begin considering and discussing the contribution of an item to the 2017 PCB live auction. If you are not personally able to contribute an item, you may consider requesting an item from a business or industry from your area.

Please report contributed items to Tony Swartz at or call 610-799-4565. Provide the item name, a brief (no more than 75 word) description of the item, its value or estimated value, the name of the individual or business contributing the item, how the item will be delivered and the individual responsible for its delivery to the conference.

Let us all challenge one another to attempt in 2017 to crack the four thousand dollar barrier and in the process have a great time doing so!

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