Anybody Want to Throw Darts?

By Al Pietrolungo, Golden Triangle President

The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children in Pittsburgh served as the location for the 12th Harold Schlegel Memorial Dart Tournament. The host organization was Audio Darts of Pittsburgh, and 24 competitors threw darts from the evening of Friday, August 10 through Sunday morning, August 12. Ten of the competitors were from Pittsburgh and the others were from eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina and Minnesota. The Golden Triangle Council of the Blind (GTCB) and the alumni association of the school provided some funds to help defray the cost of this tournament,

Seven GTCB members participated in this competition. Bob and Sue Lichtenfels finish third in one double event and Bob teamed with John Perseo to finish third in another doubles event. Joe Wassermann finished third in a 301 competition. On Sunday morning, Mike Zaken finished second as a member of a three-member team, and Joe Wassermann, Cindy Perseo and I finished third in that same event. The team of Bonnie Newland, Dave Popoleo and Jim Musto won three matches in that same competition.

We want to thank the school for hosting this tournament. We are especially grateful to the school’s maintenance staff for handling the setup and breakdown of the dartboards. The competitors seemed to have a great time in our city and school.

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