All Good News on the Fund Development Front

By Mary Ann Grignon


It’s time for holiday cheer, good news and festivities, so I’ll begin by telling you, in alphabetical order, how much you all received as a result of your hard work selling calendar raffle tickets.


Golden Triangle sold 192 tickets, receiving $1248.00

Keystone sold 23 tickets, receiving $149.50

Lehigh Valley sold 149 tickets, receiving $968.50

Oil Valley sold 9 tickets, receiving $58.50

Pennsylvania Guide Dog Users and Supports sold 70 Tickets, receiving $455.00

Philadelphia Regional sold 75 tickets, receiving $487.50

Washington County sold 90 tickets, Receiving $585.00

York sold 23 tickets, receiving $149.50


Reach back and give yourselves a big pat on the back! This was an outstanding year for calendar raffle ticket sales, the best in at least three years. Kudos to you all!


Be sure to stay tuned as tickets will soon be available for the 2022 calendar raffle season which will run from April 1 through December 30. These tickets make great gifts.


In addition to a successful calendar raffle, we also held our virtual auction during our virtual conference and not only did our profits exceed last year’s auction, but this year proved to be our most successful auction to date, earning PCB over $4,300! Of course, the Fund Development team has you to thank. Without the amazing generosity of so many of you who donate items every year, there would be no auction!


Do you want another opportunity to help PCB as well as ACB and maybe put a bit of cash in your own pocket? If you join the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program before January 15, you will be entered into a number of drawings for cash and other stuff. PCB will give two lucky winners cash prizes of $100 and $50, drawn on Wednesday, January 19. Not only that, your name will also be entered into two other contests being held by ACB, one during the midyear meetings and one after the ACB national conference. Those prizes are yet to be determined, but I’ll tell you, they are always spectacular! Oh, how does it work you ask? Just commit to a monthly donation of $10 or more if you can and your donation is split between PCB and ACB. If you already participate in the MMS program but wish to increase your donation by $5, or more, your name will also be entered into all of the aforementioned contests. Good luck to all!


Now, let’s look at what’s ahead on our horizon.


Just in time for the holidays the Fund Development Team will be launching a brand-new fundraiser. PCB will have its own web store on the website where you can purchase high quality nuts, dry fruits, candies and more. Give these delectable as gifts, treat yourself or use their highest quality products in your baked goods. For orders $30 or more, shipping will be free and all other orders will be shipped at a flat rate of just $5.00. Keep watch for our special PCB link which will automatically direct you to our own store on the terrilynn website.


As always, the Fund Development team welcomes new ideas and a fresh prospective on fund raising from you, our peers. Just write to me at or call
570-807-1276 with any thoughts, questions or ideas.


Those of us on the Fund Development team hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish you the best of holidays to come. Stay warm, safe and healthy!


A special thanks to all the members of the team who truly work together with team spirit: John Anderson, Sherri Crumb, Suzanne Erb, George Holliday, Chris Hunsinger, Sue Lichtenfels, Sandy Marsiglia, Tony Swartz, Blair Wissinger, Jackie Wissinger, and Michael Zaken.

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