Advocacy and Government Affairs Team

By John Horst, PCB Director of Community Affairs

Let’s make 2016 an active advocacy year for persons with visual loss! The AGA Work Group will do its part. We encourage all members of PCB to be aware of advocacy needs and be willing to contact local state and federal legislators as needed.

Earlier in this publication a description of the four legislative imperatives ACB has put forward is included. These are not new to PCB but they are crucial and we must increase our advocacy action to convince Pennsylvania Congressional Representatives to become cosponsors. More information is available if desired. PCB will choose special call in days to maximize our impact on legislators on issues but anyone can call their legislator at any time.

Additional concerns of our team are public transportation funding, paratransit/shared ride operations, prompt delivery of services by BBVS, customer choices in rehabilitation, etc.

Some items of note:
At least five chapters in PCB have a person that serves on the advisory committee for their local shared ride service. Others are encouraged to do the same.

Joseph Wassermann wrote a short newspaper article from PCB thanking Governor Wolfe and legislators for increased funding for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. We know that this article appeared in a number of newspapers around the state. Many contacts were made on this issue by PCB members and others. Increased activity does bring results.

We cannot overstate the significance of the election this year both for President and national and state legislators. Please keep informed and be certain you are registered and prepared to vote.

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