Accolades from ACB

By Sue Lichtenfels, Content Editor

PCB members who listened to the ACB Convention stream on July 4 were pleasantly surprised to hear that The PCB Advocate was the winner of the Hollis Liggett Braille Free Press Award, naming it as the best affiliate publication in ACB.

If you will recall, I took over the editorship of The PCB Advocate five years ago, following our long-time editor June Horst. In June’s last year as editor she and The PCB Advocate were honored with this same award. It’s been my goal to follow in those award-winning footsteps.

I thank the ACB Board of Publications for recognizing the commitment and talent that go into every issue of The PCB Advocate. I am so very proud to have an award-winning team working with me to make The PCB Advocate the best affiliate publication in the country.
I am grateful for the dedicated work of Christina Heintzelman our Copy Editor and Administrative Secretary; Carol Swartz our Layout Editor; Tony Swartz for his audio editing and DAISY formatting of our cartridge version; the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for getting our newsletter out on cartridge; and Horizons for the Blind, provider of our Braille format. I owe special thanks to Jeanette Schmoyer, my go-to grammar guru. The real stars of our award-winning team though are the members and leaders of PCB who provide such interesting and informative content. Congratulations!

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