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In the last month AccessiDocs responded to its first request from a member. AccessiDocs was asked to convert into recorded Daisy3 format a Resource guide for seniors living in the Lehigh Valley area. The guide includes terms and definitions related to services for seniors and an extensive listing of agencies and organizations in the Lehigh Valley area which provide services and resources. Members may obtain this daisy3 formatted booklet on thumb drive from the PCB office for the cost of $3. The thumb drive can be played on an NLS player.

In the last weeks, AccessiDocs received a request from another member to convert a user’s manual for a phone the member had recently purchased. What we on the AccessiDocs Team discovered from the request is that from time to time we may need the assistance of a sighted member to assist the team to convert graphic representations in to words. In this instance, converting a graphic of a button on the phone into the label on the button; Also, a description of the layout of buttons as shown in the manual. If you would have an interest in assisting the AccessiDocs team, please contact Tony Swartz at or call 610-799-4565. You may also call Tony to suggest a conversion project, both its feasibility and pricing. PCB members, of course, receive special pricing considerations and we’ll work with you to find alternate funders.

Be alert for further AccessiDocs news in future issues.

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