ACB Seeks AD Feedback

By Tony Stephens, ACB Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs

Memorial Day weekend has traditionally marked the beginning of summer and the start of Hollywood’s summer blockbuster season.
Over the past six months, there has been great progress toward making movies more accessible for people who are blind and visually impaired. So, as friends and family take to the cool confines of their local cinema during the dog days of summer, The American Council of the Blind (ACB) wants to know where progress still needs to be made.

In January, rules under the Department of Justice went into effect, requiring theaters with accessible devices to provide greater information and maintenance of such devices, while also requiring that any digital theatre without such devices must have them available by summer 2018. In addition to this rule, the California Council of the Blind announced a settlement with AMC Theaters, which will provide greater access to described movies nationwide.

ACB encourages film goers to take advantage of this improved accessibility and requests individuals who use such accessible devices to let us know what kind of experience you have in the theatre. Your feedback will help track the recent progress for securing greater access to motion pictures. Please email details of your experience to:

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