PCB’s Information & Discussion Lists

The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, (PCB) is a peer network for all impacted by vision loss. PCB offers two email list forums as part of its efforts to promote independence and opportunity for all persons who are
either blind or have a vision impairment. Content posted to both lists must be relevant to blindness or vision loss and shared in furtherance of the PCB mission.

PCB-L: Resource Information & Announcements

The PCB-L is a resource list for sharing fact-based information and announcements relevant to blindness or vision loss such as: assistive product info, legislative and regulatory efforts, meeting/training/webinar announcements, survey/research postings, Council news and updates, employment opportunities, business or service provider resources, and the like. PCB-L is not a discussion or opinion list. Please consider joining the PCB-Chat list, which is our email forum for conversation, idea exchange, and peer support.

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PCB-Chat: Opinions & Conversation

PCB-Chat is where peers share ideas, feedback, experiences, tips, opinions, and the like on issues and topics important to people living with blindness or vision loss. This forum encourages thoughtful discussion and respectful dialogue among peers in the spirit of promoting independence and opportunity for our fellow peers.

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PCB manages these public lists as a free service to the community of Pennsylvanians and others with vision loss. PCB does not endorse any products or services mentioned there-in.

Any individual may subscribe to and participate on these lists provided he or she follows the list’s guidelines. Subscribe to either list by sending your name, phone number, and email address to: pcboffice@pcb1.org.