A Request from the AccessiDocs Team

The AccessiDocs Team continues its work. We have just completed a project to convert into a Daisy3 navigable document a UPMC kidney transplant after care publication.

When we receive a request for a document conversion into Daisy3, our team prefers to receive the original document in some electronic format; a Word document, PDF, or the like. In this instance, we had no choice but to settle for a printed copy of the 120-page document. It was, therefore, necessary to scan in the document and convert it by means of optical character recognition (OCR) into an electronic format. Though OCR scanning has advanced considerably from its early days, those who have some experience into OCR scanning will know that an error rate of five to seven percent is quite common and considered good. To ensure a clean copy free from errors, once the document is scanned in, it is then necessary to compare each scanned page with the print version of the document, making corrections to the electronic version. This requires the assistance of a sighted individual.

While the team was fortunate to recruit a sighted individual to work with us for this project, we do not have a permanent member of the team to rely on for future projects. So once again we on the AccessiDocs team ask anyone out there who is able to read print to please consider joining our team. If you would like to join us or would have questions about what your assistance would require, please contact Tony Swartz at tbswartz@ptd.net or call 610-799-4565. Thank you for your consideration of our team’s request.

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