A Request for Board and Officer Candidates

By the Nominating Team

This year at our conference and convention our membership in attendance will chart PCB’s course for the foreseeable future. All officer positions and four board seats will be open for election. Because our president and first vice president are both completing their second term, the organization will be electing two new leaders; the highest-ranking officers of our organization.

If you are new to PCB and unfamiliar with our bylaws, the organization’s board of directors includes five officer positions: president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The board further includes the positions of immediate past president, and eight directors. Officers and directors are eligible to serve two consecutive terms in the same position, with the exception of the offices of secretary and treasurer, the number of terms being unlimited.

In addition to all officer positions, the director positions open for election are as follows:
1. May Davis is completing the term of a former director and has decided not to seek election to a full term; therefore, the seat is uncontested.
2. Michael Gravitt is completing his first term and is eligible to seek a second term.
3. George Holliday is completing a first term and is eligible to seek a second term.
4. Thomas Reid is completing a second term and is ineligible to continue as a director, therefore, the seat is uncontested.

The nomination process determined by the Nominating Team is as follows:
1. If you wish to convey your interest in placing your name in nomination for an officer or board position, please submit a statement of intent to the Nominating Team no later than Monday, August 5th, 2019. Your statement of intent to serve is to include a brief bio and up to a three-sentence commentary explaining why you would wish to serve. Statements of intent may be submitted by email to nominations@pcb1.org, or in writing to Tony Swartz, 1944 Girard Ave, Allentown PA 18104.

  1. Members declaring their intent to serve will be provided with the opportunity to address the membership through a pre-recorded statement. Candidates will be contacted and a recording time and method which best suits them will be arranged. Recordings will be scheduled in mid-August. These recordings will be disseminated in several ways including posted to our website, distributed on the cartridge with the fall edition of The PCB Advocate, included on the PCB Information Line, and mailed/emailed directly to chapter presidents.

  2. A candidate’s recorded statement will be in the form of a roughly three-minute response to a list of three questions relative to service as a member of the board. Candidates will receive the list of questions well before the date of recording so that talking points may be prepared in advance. In addition, candidates will be given an additional two minutes to deliver a statement explaining their potential value to the board or cite their previous experience in leadership and/or advocacy.

  3. Based on candidate statements, responses, and biographical information, the Nominating Team will prepare a slate to recommend to the membership. The recommended slate will be declared to the membership via the PCB-L listserv at least ten days prior to the first day of the conference. Individuals not included on the slate may, of course, be nominated from the floor during elections as may undeclared candidates. Candidates nominated from the floor who have not declared will be permitted two minutes to speak prior to the casting of ballots for the position.

If you have an interest in serving PCB as an officer or member of the Board of Directors and intend to stand for election, please submit your statement of intent as soon as possible. Should you have questions regarding the nominating process, contact Tony Swartz at 610-799-4565. Please read on for additional information which details both the responsibilities and expectations of members of the board, and suggested points to include within your biographical statement.

Basic Criteria for Nominating Board Members:
I. Qualifications for Candidates for the PCB Board of Directors
A. Background of candidate
1. Some degree of experience in advocacy activity.
2. Ability to participate on and/or chair a PCB Team.
3. Time available to work on one or more PCB teams.
B. Preferred qualifications
1. Experience on one or more PCB teams and/or participation in a PCB chapter or affiliate.
2. Demonstrated leadership qualities.
3. Ability to communicate via email and have basic technology skills.
4. History of membership in the American Council of the Blind.
C. Responsibilities of those serving on the board
In addition to officer responsibilities as enumerated in the organization’s bylaws, it is expected that all members of the board will:
1. Attend all meetings of the PCB Board of Directors except for a medical or other compelling reason.
2. Attend a majority of the meetings of a team on which the board member serves.
3. If serving as a Team liaison, shall see that the team leader submits a team progress report two weeks prior to each board meeting.
4. Read all submitted team reports prior to the board meeting.

II. A candidate’s bio shall be no more than 250 words and shall be submitted to the PCB Nominating Team by email or in writing, (reference the details above), no later than Monday, August 5, 2019. Candidate’s bios shall include the following:
A. Advocacy participation/experience.
B. Past or present participation in a PCB chapter or affiliate and/or on a PCB team.
C. Reason for desiring a position on the PCB Board of Directors.
D. Incumbent candidates will discuss their previous attendance and participation during the last term served.

Prerecorded statements from candidates and biographical information shared with the team will be distributed to members of PCB through various PCB outlets as explained earlier.

The members of the 2019 PCB Nominating Team include: out-going President, Susan Lichtenfels, Board Member, Cathy Long, and Immediate Past President, Tony Swartz as Chair.

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