A Potpourri of Chances to Contribute and Win

By Mary Ann Grignon, Team Leader

Last Month I took you on a whirl-wind tour of the Fund Development emporium, introducing you to all of the fabulous ways in which you could both contribute to PCB and be a recipient of prizes, benefits and special offers. So, let’s recap the story.

As you might recall, in Aisle 1 of the emporium, we offered our calendar raffle tickets. This has been a hugely popular and crowded aisle resulting in more tickets being sold this year than last. Just to entice those of you who have still not visited this aisle, 18 of your peers won between $30 and $125 in April alone. So, what are you waiting for? Simply call the PCB office and get your tickets at a now-reduced price of $15 per ticket.

In Aisle 2, our friends at Loving Touch Connection (LTC) made available some wonderful mugs for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in the spring. Those items are still available. For May and June there are terrific gifts for the special someone in your family: a mom, dad, or just someone you admire a lot. Stay tuned for these sales and a special item each month. Remember, all you have to do is call Kathy Keck at 610-657-9869 and let her know you would like to support PCB through your purchase of LTC items.

Aisle 3 is now fully open for your perusal. To refresh your memory, this aisle contains your opportunity to participate in the MMS program. The news is better than ever. The ACB office in Minneapolis, at 612-332-3242, is ready to either sign you up as a new monthly contributor of at least $10 or increase your monthly donation by $5 or more. In either case, you will be entered to win one of five prizes the MMS program will award during the ACB virtual convention. Each prize is a $100 gift card. You’ll also be entered into the grand prize drawing for an iPhone 11 after the convention. So, don’t hesitate! Get in on the chance to win while supporting ACB and PCB.

Have you taken up any new hobbies during this time of isolation and social distancing? What’s that, you’re learning to cook? Well, why not go to Aisle 4 and pick up our “True No Measure Cookbook.” Just call the PCB office and order yours right away. If you are learning some other craft, you might want to consider filling Aisle 6 with your latest projects. What’s in Aisle 6? Read on!

For those of you who are safely at home and not taking chances in department stores, we encourage you to consider Aisle 5 your home away from home. We hope you will continue shopping at Smile.Amazon.com, where you can purchase everything from food to clothes to tools and much more. Here’s another way to easily contribute to PCB and, yes, help load up Aisle 6!

Your patience has been rewarded. You are finally there, Aisle 6, my favorite place to be. This is the place that will begin to fill up with items for the 2020 virtual auction. The theme for our auction is “Great Things Come in Small Packages”. The Fund Development Team urges you as an individual or as a chapter to donate to this aisle as soon as you can. Because this year all prizes will be mailed to the winning bidder who is also responsible for the cost of shipping, we are encouraging folks to donate “Great Things” that will fit in smaller packages, like jewelry, electronics, baked goods, bath and body products, small games, hand crocheted or knitted items, etc. We expect this year’s auction to be better than ever. Without the cost of attending a conference in person, we expect folks will have the means to bid often and generously! Send a description of your donation to either Tony Swartz at tbswartz@ptd.net, or to Mary Ann Grignon at maryanna0407@gmail.com. Include the item name, a brief description, value of the item and the contributor’s name, phone number, email address and/or mailing address.

Item donations should be shipped directly to the PCB office at 931 N. Front St., Suite B., Harrisburg, PA 17102. Of course if you are purchasing from Amazon or another online source, you should have the donation item shipped directly to the office. If you would like to donate a fragile or perishable item, please don’t hesitate. But let’s talk about shipping logistics.

For questions or further information on the offerings mentioned here, please contact Mary Ann Grignon at 570-807-1276 or email maryanna0407@gmail.com.

Many thanks to the wonderful members of the Fund Development Team— Sherri Crum, Suzanne Erb, George Holliday, Sue Lichtenfels, Sandy Marsiglia, Tony Swartz, Blair Wissinger, Jackie Wissinger, and Michael Zaken.

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