A New Year with New Visions and New Officers

By Liz Oleksa, LVCB President

As we all begin to wrap up our 2019 year, that means new changes are on the horizon for the LVCB chapter. President Oleksa is concluding her final term as chapter President, leaving openings in her position and other chapter offices.

Through acclimation and uncontested votes, our 2020 LVCB officers will be as follows: President, Gary Dvorshak; Vice President, Dorothy Montero; Recording Secretary, Amanda Waldren; Corresponding Secretary, Dianne Michels; and Treasurer, Jameel Memon. We would like to thank Debbie Rozear for her time as recording secretary and for her selfless dedication to helping our chapter succeed, while welcoming our new officers into their newly acquired roles.

LVCB continues to grow with new members. Our newest member, Richard Schmidt has spread our chapter’s age range from 15 to 85. LVCB embraces individuals of all ages, abilities and curiosities to join our chapter and to further themselves as individuals. We are surely developing a more diverse and well-balanced chapter. Each meeting, we witness a different level of involvement from our members who are bringing new ideas, concepts and opportunities to become integrated further into our surrounding community. Debbie Rozear continues to do community outreach, representing our chapter for local information sessions, public awareness activities and more.

Our members have no hesitation when it comes to sharing our business cards with a new friend, a passer-by on the bus, at restaurants, in public areas and even on bathroom floors. Oh, yes! We have had new member inquiries from those who have found one of our cards on a public bathroom floor. We welcome any interesting advertising methods our members would like to use to share our mission with those around us!!! There is an endless opportunity to share information and our mission by using our personal touches of creativity!

LVCB is looking forward to the unveiling of our new website which will be going active as of January 1, 2020. Our junior member, Logan Oleksa, has developed a “screen-reader friendly” website for our chapter. The web address will be: www.lvcb1993.org. This site offers the public access to our chapter information, meeting schedules, mission, activities/events, personal experiences, links to PCB and ACB, as well as links to our e-mail, lvcb1993@gmail.com and our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/lvcb1993/
Our website will be live in public search engines with assigned searchable terms, which will bring our chapter to one of the first options when conducting a search for local blindness related topics. We hope that our page can help strengthen our membership, as well as spread more awareness about our mission, members and abilities.

So, as this year comes to a close, new opportunities await our chapter as we are guided under new and growing leadership. We do not look at this as an end, but rather another new start for different approaches, ideas and membership growth. As soon-to-be Immediate Past President, I would like to extend a sincere expression of deep gratitude to all those who have helped me grow in my leadership abilities, helping to encourage me when I doubted myself, but most of all for helping me to grow as a person. When I first lost my sight in September 2012, I never dreamed that I could do any of what I have done the past 3 years. Through the guidance, support and encouragement from those in LVCB, I knew that I was not going to be alone in this blindness journey. Thank you for helping me to see in a dark time, and in turn helping to make our chapter an even stronger and brighter place for all those involved.

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