A Loving and Lucrative Connection

By Sue Lichtenfels

Loving Touch Connection offers hand-painted glassware and decorative items with raised braille. Founded by Kathy Keck in 2013 as a product line of her Touched by Fantasy business, LTC has been incorporated into its own company and is poised for growth. And PCB aims to benefit from its promotion and future sales.

Beginning March 1, 2018, PCB will receive a donation equivalent to 10% of all LTC sales it facilitates. And it’s not just a once and done opportunity. For every future purchase that a PCB referred customer makes in the future, PCB will receive a 10% donation. This applies to both stock and custom orders. We are hoping to magnify the fundraising impact by promoting LTC’s unique products to organizations of and for the blind across the country.

We sure could use your help to publicize the two methods that will guarantee PCB receives credit for sales: http://lovingtouchconnection.com and lovingtouchconnection@gmail.com. So, however you share cool news with others; by personal phone call, on a chatline, via a listserv, through Facebook and Twitter, or through a braille letter, please spread the word about LTC’s great braille gifts. And if you are or know someone who is a blogger, podcaster, interviewer, or contributing writer, we can certainly plan for a one-on-one sit-down with Kathy and some of her satisfied customers. Regardless of the method you use, the message is simple: “Check out http://LovingTouchConnection.com for really unique braille gifts or inquire about their products by emailing lovingtouchconnection@gmail.com.”

Many of our PCb members are already familiar with the LTC products. For those who have already been purchasing items, the next time you place an order let Kathy know to credit PCB with your future purchases. For those who are not familiar with LTC items, here is an excerpt from a 2017 story we published about LTC.

“Many of us “sighted” people have a mug or glass that has a special saying on it, whether it’s our name, or ‘Have a Great Day!’… and I just thought it would be so awesome if visually impaired people could have the same type of glasses especially for them with raised dots in braille that they can read with their fingertips,” explains Kathy Keck.
For several years, Kathy has been customizing her art with raised braille messages on wine glasses, martini glasses, coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, beer mugs, pilsner glasses, canister jars, and more. The braille is also accompanied by a hand-painted design such as butterflies, grapevines, sunflowers, rainbows, or smiley faces. Each Loving Touch Connection message is brailed in Grade 1 English, but French and Spanish options can be special ordered. Items are hand-painted using non-toxic paint.

Here is a very truncated product list.
“Love My Dog” Mug $15
Palm Trees “5 o’clock Somewhere” 16 oz. Pub Glass $20
“World’s Best Grandma” Coffee Mug $15
Butterfly Wishes “Live Laugh Love” Martini glass $20
Vineyard “Cheers!” Wine glass $25
Rainbow Love “S” and “P” Set of salt & pepper shakers $20
Smiley Face “S” and “P” Set of salt & pepper shakers $15
Cardinal and Bluebird “S” and “P” salt & pepper shakers $15
Kathy also welcomes custom orders based on her current designs or an idea you might have in mind to accent your décor or to create as a gift. Those who attended the last PCB Conference in Johnstown may still have one of Kathy’s custom-designed glasses with that year’s theme. She welcomes bulk orders and is willing to negotiate large-purchase pricing.

So remember, and lovingtouchconnection@gmail.com for all your gift-giving needs.

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