A Look inside Convention Program Planning

By Thomas Reid, PCB Convention Coordinator

As a PCB State Convention attendee, you really should not have to be concerned with the planning process. Rather, you should be interested in receiving timely information that helps you decide whether or not to attend and how to make that process as simple as possible.

Occasionally though, there is some “inside” information that can be helpful to both the attendee and the planners. In the case of this year’s convention I thought I would provide some more information as to how hotel room blocks work.

When PCB contracts with a hotel, we specify the number of rooms that should be allocated to our group for each day of our convention. We determine the number of rooms based on that which was required during past conventions.

The hotel guarantees that these rooms will be saved for those individuals who call for reservations indicating that they are attending the convention. This is extremely important since the hotel room rate is usually lower than their normal daily rate.

Let’s now look at this from a business perspective, strictly dollars and sense (not cents). If the demand for your rooms is low, then you will probably be willing to take what you can get for the room. On the contrary, when that demand shifts and rooms are being sought after, you can command a higher price.

The PCB room rate for this 2015 convention is $89.99, while the current Crown Plaza daily room rate is $149 per night. Which would you rather charge?


The purpose of me sharing this information with you is so that you realize the importance of making your hotel reservations prior to the expiration of our room block on October 1, 2015. The hotel is not obligated to honor our room rate after this agreed upon date. Again, which would you charge, $89.99 or $149?

By the time you’re reading this article, convention registration has opened via our Convention Blast page on the PCB website: http://pcb1.org/state-convention/.

Just look for the link titled “Registration.”
If you have not received a printed registration form remember you can always call the office and request your copy.

All of the latest convention related information is posted to the web address above. This includes the monthly “Convention Blasts” in both audio and written format, this year’s program schedule and other documents.

Now there are only three things left for you to do.
1. Call the Crown Plaza Harrisburg – Hershey in Harrisburg at 717-234-5021 to make your reservation. Remember to let them know you’re attending the PCB State Convention & Conference!

2. Begin preparing for the convention weekend. Have the information you need in the format of your choice.

3. Make sure to say hello to me and the rest of your Convention Program & Planning Committee during the weekend: Monitor Tony Swartz, Secretary Cathy Long, Site Selection Chair Sue Lichtenfels, Sherri Crum, George Holliday, John Horst, Sandy Marsiglia, Jeanette Schmoyer, and Bobbie Simmons.

See you in Harrisburg!

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