A Gallery of Gadgets and Gismos

By Suzanne Erb, Peer Engagement Team Lead


As people with varying degrees of vision loss, many of us have discovered low- or no-tech ways of solving life’s pesky problems. We use all kinds of gadgets and gismos to solve all kinds of difficulties around the house, outside, on trips, and in all sorts of tasks in our daily lives. While some of these items may be vision-specific, many are not. The Peer Engagement Team invites you to give us your ideas for a presentation at this year’s convention. We are calling it a “Gadget Gallery.” If you have ideas about tools that you use to get things done that you think other peers would find helpful, please contact me. .


The Peer Engagement Team has come up with a few questions that we would like you to answer, so that we can give as thorough a description of the gadget as possible. This will help folks to decide whether they can use it, where they can obtain it, and whether they can afford it. Here is the list of questions.

  1. Name and Purpose of the device:
    What do you use it for and why.
  2. Description of the device: What does it feel like? How exactly do you use it? Please try to describe it in a way that other people will understand how to use it from your verbal description.
  3. Interesting features: Why do you like this particular product? What are its benefits??
  4. Shortcomings: What do you wish it could do differently?
  5. Cost of the device: How much did you pay for it? If you haven’t bought it recently, please make sure it is still available and, if possible, find out its current price.
  6. Where to obtain the device: If you don’t remember exactly where you got the device, please provide the kind of store where it can be purchased, such as a drugstore, a department store, or other kind of store.
  7. Your overall recommendation/opinion: What is your overall evaluation of the device?


Please get your ideas and tips to me by July 6th. Please also let me know if you have any questions about this idea. We will help you turn your ideas into recordings so that your ideas will sound great. If you have an idea for a device that you think others would like to know about, but you’re not sure of the best way to present it, please get in touch with me.


The best ways to reach me are by e-mail suzerb1@comcast.net or by phone
215-313-0550. I look forward to hearing from you and discovering new gadgets together.


Also, be sure to check out the Vision Loss Team’s article, “Helpful Kitchen Appliances,” found elsewhere in this edition.

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