A Closer Look at Peer Engagement


By Suzanne Erb, Peer Engagement Team Lead


“How can I become more involved in PCB?” Well, let me count the many ways. When you read The PCB Advocate, when you attend chapter meetings, get involved with chapter activities, attend our PCB Convention, these are all important ways that you can become more involved with PCB. In addition, whenever you help a peer with a vision-related issue, or you call a legislator’s office, you are engaging in PCB efforts.


But there are more ways in which you can become involved in PCB. We have at least two email lists to which you should subscribe. The PCB-L list is a list where people post announcements about blindness-related legislation and advocacy, assistive technology, and other life-impacting topics. The other list, PCB-Chat, is a friendly list where we discuss all sorts of topics that may or may not have anything to do with vision loss. These lists do not have a huge amount of traffic, but they are fun and informative. Feel free to share the information they contain with your friends, especially your friends who do not have access to email. Some of the information is timely and may not make it to the PCB Information Line.


To subscribe to these lists, write a message to pcb-l+subscribe@groups.io for the PCB-L list, and pcb-chat+subscribe@groups.io for the PCB-chat list. You will receive a message asking you to confirm your registration. That’s all there is to it.


But wait, there’s more! We also would like to hear from you directly. Are there any topics about which you would like more information? Are there things you used to do but haven’t figured out how to do them as a blind person? Chances are, there is someone involved in our state affiliate who might have answers for you.


Every other month, we hold a book discussion. We are always interested in hearing about what books people are reading, and we would love to hear from you about suggestions for future book discussions.


In May, we featured a presentation by Steph McCoy, owner of Bold Blind Beauty. As a teaser, I will share a quote from her Bold Blind Beauty Make-up and Beauty Tips Guide: “Final Note: Real beauty radiates from within. Being self-aware is real beauty and it does transcend barriers. Real beauty is not easy, but it is powerful. Once we are able to fully embrace ourselves for who we are, we are liberated from the tyranny of others’ definitions of us.” What a powerful way to end a fun evening of make-up tips and tricks from a blindness perspective. But, you may not have even known that this informative presentation was taking place.


Another cool happening is being hosted by our Director of Peer Engagement, Melissa Carney. She has been leading discussions on everything from cheese to cleaning, and this is only the beginning. Of course, if you are signed up for the lists you will find out about all these great things. Be sure to alert your friends who may not have email access.


I do hope that you will consider subscribing to these lists so that you can get up-to-the-minute information and so that you can have yet one more way to have your say.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at suzerb1@comcast.net or
215-313-0550. I may not be available when you call, as I work part-time, but feel free to leave a message and I will return your call.


Happy reading, listening, and engaging!

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