2022 PCB Conference Preliminary Schedule

“Accelerate Your TRIP to Self-Reliance”

October 27-30, 2022

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Time to Be Determined: Exhibit Pre-recordings and interactive exhibits.
2:30 PM Emergency Preparedness & Your Guide Dog, hosted by PA Guide Dog Users and Supporters (PAGDUS). Self-Reliance is crucial for any successful guide dog team, but how can you be self-reliant in an emergency scenario? Emergencies can range from natural disasters to unexpected experiences such as illness or injury. Preparation for everyday situations as well as emergencies is key. How can you prepare if an unexpected emergency occurs, or if you are injured or unconscious, and therefore unable to speak for your guide dog? This presentation will include a panel discussion with representatives from The Seeing Eye Inc. and Guiding Eyes for the Blind, on handling an emergency before, during, and after. The speakers are sure to provide valuable insight and resources so that we can feel more confident if any type of emergency occurs.
4:00 PM PCB Board of Directors’ Meeting. All are welcome.
5:15 PM Dinner Break
6:15 PM Music Prelude

Conference General Session Begins
6:30 PM Call to Order and Welcome, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President
6:35 PM Invocation & Necrology Remembrance, Jacqueline Wissinger, PCB Chaplain. Please submit names of members who have passed since our last conference so we can honor their memory.
6:45 PM President’s Address, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President.
7:00 PM Door Prizes
7:15 PM 2022 Proposed Bylaw Amendments & Resolutions, PCB Parliamentary Team. This is the first reading. The second reading and action will take place Saturday afternoon during the PCB business meeting.
7:45 PM What Would You Do? Presented by the PCB Vision Loss Team. You are at the wrong airport ticket counter, the bus driver misses your stop, you need someone to give you instructions that are meaningful to you—what strategies or problem-solving skills do you use to overcome these kinds of situations? Through skits and discussion, the team will help us determine how to address these kinds of situations so we can accomplish what we need to and be more self-reliant.
8:45 PM Door Prizes & Announcements
9:00 PM Riddle Bits, hosted by Tony Swartz. How well can you solve these simple riddles? How quick are you on your feet? Match your wits against your PCB peers. Turn by turn four contestants are presented with a riddle to solve. Can a contestant solve it, or will the next have the answer? The points mount towards winning a delicious prize. We’re seeking four contestants. Sign up on the registration form.

Friday, October 28, 2022

9:00 AM Rise for a Prize Community Coffee, Conference Program & Planning Team. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us for some light conversation. Oh yes, and prizes too!
9:30 AM New Yoga Resource & Interactive Demo, Erika Petach, President, Blue Awning Yoga. This session will introduce an exciting new studio, Blue Awning Yoga, which focuses on training and hiring yoga instructors that are blind and insures all classes are accessible for individuals with vision loss. After discussing the benefits of yoga and some of the misconceptions people have that prevent them from trying it, you will participate in a chair yoga class for beginners. One lucky participant will win a free monthly pass to Blue Awning Yoga and Wellness at the end of the session.
10:30 AM Low-Cost Recorders & the New PCB Website, from the PCB Technology Access Team. Being organized to be self-reliant means we need to have an efficient way to take and easily retrieve notes such as phone numbers, instructions, and appointments. Tony Swartz will demonstrate two accessible recording devices available for less than $100. In addition, Belinda Eigen, designer of PCB’s new website will tell us about the increased accessibility of the site along with the kinds of great info you’ll find there.
11:15 AM Take a Virtual Cruise to Self-Reliance. During our cruise, we’ll stop to explore the Tools, Resources, Information, and People at four ports of call vital to gaining and maintaining self-reliance: Daily Living Lagoon, Technology Tropics, Stream of Life-long Learning, and Isle of Community Involvement. . Be sure to have your note-taking device ready. If you would like to contribute a resource for us to include, please email a description and ways to access the resource. Email those ideas to Mary Ann Grignon at maryanna0407@gmail.com before Sept. 15.
12:00 PM Newcomer’s Lunch Lounge, PCB Peer Engagement Team. All individuals attending this conference for the first time and those newer to PCB are invited to socialize to learn more about each other and PCB. Ask questions. Connect with PCB veterans and role models. Win a prize. You won’t want to miss this special time together. Sign up for this fun hour of fellowship on the registration form.
1:00 PM Medication Management, Diabetes Management , Financial Assistance and Self-Reliance, Andy Burstein, CEO, Accessible Pharmacy and Rebecca Lorah, Outreach & Enrollment Manager, PACE. Management of medication and diabetes is difficult, time consuming and stressful for everyone. Pennsylvania based Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind is a home delivery pharmacy service specializing in the needs of people who are blind, DeafBlind or have low vision. Through their work with patients, they have developed best practices to empower individuals to be self-reliant with their healthcare…and it’s working! Pennsylvania has an incredible collection of programs to assist Pennsylvania residents with their medication. Becky Lorah, from the Pennsylvania Department for Aging, will share information about two of the more robust prescription assistance programs PACE & PACENet. These programs offer low-cost prescription medication to qualified residents, age 65 and older.
2:00 PM Improving Yourself through Improv, Sue Lichtenfels, PCB Past President. Welcome to the World of Improv, where your imagination fuels your trip to self-reliance. In this workshop we will demonstrate how improvisations can be used to build self-confidence, strengthen communication, enhance problem-solving, and boost decision-making; all necessities for achieving self-reliance. Improv scene work gives us the creative license to take on challenging, awkward, or scary situations in a safe environment with sometimes-silly, always-supportive partners and the opportunity for do-overs. From self-advocacy to social interactions, daily life conversations to workplace encounters, improv scenarios can prepare us for whatever comes our way. Navigating life’s potholes on the road to self-reliance doesn’t have to be lonely or difficult. Come improve yourself with improv! Indicate on the registration form if you intend to actively participate or simply listen from the audience. No experience is necessary.
3:00 PM Break & Door Prizes
3:15 PM The TRIP to Self-Reliance: Physical Fitness for the Journey, PCB Peer Engagement Team. As part of the Be Happy Be Healthy campaign, we will hear from fitness professionals who are blind. They will share their stories and information about their accessible exercise classes. Then we will get our hearts pumping with sample workouts from each panelist.
4:15 PM Self-Reliance: Making Your First Place Your Home, facilitated by Rosemary Martin, PCB Second Vice President. Whether you are renting your first apartment, purchasing your first home, or making changes as an experienced homeowner, adapting to new circumstances and maintaining self-reliance can be challenging. How do you find accessible housing? Living with vision loss, how do you choose decorations and decor for your new home? What strategies have you adopted to ensure continued financial responsibility to afford your living expenses? If you’re new to the area, how do you get involved in the community? These questions and many more will be answered during this session. Panelists will share their experiences, tips, resources, and tools that have allowed them to live independently in their own homes.
5:15 PM Dinner Break
6:15 PM Music Prelude
6:30 PM Now What? Assisting Your Loved One through Vision Loss, PCB Communications Team.
When a spouse, parent, or dear friend has been diagnosed with vision loss, the fear of the unknown and delays in getting rehabilitation services can be overwhelming. As peers who live with blindness or vision loss every day, we are in the best position to guide others in the adjustment to decreasing vision. Targeted toward sighted loved ones, this booklet provides guidance, tips, and strategies for empowering and enabling the person with vision loss while awaiting formal rehabilitation services. Join us to learn more about PCB’s newest resource.
6:50 PM Door Prizes
7:00 PM The Not-So-Newly-Blind Game, PCB Communications Team. In this pre-recorded riff on The Newlywed Game, four mixed-vision couples (e.g., spouses, parent-child, friends, etc.) take turns responding to questions about vision loss and how each “couple” deals with various situations. As the game proceeds, interesting dynamics of the mixed-vision relationship are exposed. After the recording, we will discuss some of the relationship dynamics from the gameshow and those we have in real life.
8:00 PM State Government Resources & the State of Disability Services, PCB Advocacy Team. This presentation will focus on answering three questions: Other than supporting your legislative interests, what other resources are available from the offices of our State Representatives? What is the future of disability service budget and legislation? How to you learn about new areas for concern for the disability community?
8:45 PM Door Prizes & Announcements
9:00 PM Can You Sing It?, hosted by Mary Ann Grignon. Four teams of participants will compete for ultimate bragging rights. This game will stretch your music muscle. When given a random word, could you think of a song with that word? Could you actually sing lyrics containing that word? Those are the challenges you and your teammates will face. If you would like to compete, please sign up on the registration form. We will randomly create teams from the list of participants.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

8:30 AM Rise for a Prize Community Coffee, Conference Program Planning Team. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us for some light conversation. Oh yes, and prizes too!
9:00 AM TRIPs for Health Literacy and Equity at the Pharmacy Counter, Sharla Glass, Envision America. Why are so many people talking about Health Literacy and Health Equity? We will discuss how these two things are related and give a few ideas on how to become a better advocate for our own healthcare, especially when it comes to medications.
9:45 AM Maintaining Self-Reliance through the Aging Process & Other Changes, Deborah Kendrick, Author and Advocate. The author of “When Your Ears Can’t Help You See” and “Navigating Healthcare: When All They Can See Is that You Can’t,” will share her insights about maintaining independence throughout the aging process. What strategies can we try when our bodies don’t perform like they used to. We might acquire balance issues, develop arthritis, lose some hearing, etc. Deborah will share resources and solutions to help us age without compromising our independence.
10:40 AM Door Prizes & Announcements
10:55 AM Removing Roadblocks to Self-Reliance, Maverick Garner, Founder of Mavmind.com. Our path to self-reliance and the on-going struggle to maintain our independence is often cluttered with our own baggage. Sometimes we need extra help to get ourselves in the right mindset for success. Self-hypnosis is one tool we can use to help us change the behaviors and habits hampering the process. This session will walk you through how to write your own self-hypnosis script so you can begin tackling issues like improving time management, overcoming anxiety, getting organized, gaining confidence, etc.
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM PCB Business Meeting. Only paid 2022 PCB members who are registered for the conference may attend this event. All who expect to vote should be sure to join the meeting as an individual to retain their individual PCB vote. Since we will use Zoom’s hand-raising function, married couples, those using three-way calling, and others who typically share a connection should plan for accessing through their own device. Please indicate on the registration form if you will need toll-free calling for this session.
1:00 PM Welcome and House Keeping Announcements, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President.
1:05 PM Team & Project Reports.
1:45 PM Treasurer’s Report, Michael Zaken, PCB Treasurer.
2:15 PM Action on Proposed Bylaw Amendments, PCB Parliamentary Team.
3:00 PM Action on Resolutions, Carla Hayes, PCB Parliamentary Team.
3:30 PM Election of Board Members, Sue Lichtenfels, PCB Nominations Team and Chris Hunsinger, PCB President.
4:00 PM Door Prizes and Adjournment.

6:15 PM Music Prelude
6:30 PM Virtual Banquet: Greetings and Sponsor Acknowledgements, Chris Hunsinger, PCB President.
6:35 PM Drawing the 50/50 Conference Raffle. Please purchase these $5 tickets on the registration form.
6:40 PM PCB Award Presentations, William Grignon, PCB Board of Directors.
7:00 PM Accelerate Your Trip to Self-Reliance, Brian Hartgen, Owner of Hartgen Consultancy. Brian has 24 years of experience training visually impaired people how to use adaptive technology, from Braille-based hardware to screen-reading software. He has provided training within education, companies, rehabilitation organizations and individual client homes. For the past 18 years, Brian has focused his work on creating scripts that make apps more accessible when using the JAWS for Windows screen reader. Through the company website, Hartgen.org, Brian offers many tutorials and software solutions that can make people who are blind more productive and independent.
8:00 PM Live Performance, Kevin Reeves, Vocalist, Songwriter & Musician. Grab your favorite libation and a comfy seat as you unwind from the conference weekend. Kevin will serenade us with many of our all-time favorites and some of his originals. He’ll also be taking requests.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

9:00 AM Charles Dickens Museum Audio-Described Guide, produced by VocalEyes. Take an audio-described tour of the Charles Dickens Museum, the Georgian townhouse in London where Dickens and his family lived from 1837 to 1839. During that time, he completed The Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist, and wrote Nicholas Nickleby. Explore the five floors of the house, complete with Victorian décor, Dickens’ personal items, and many stories about the man and his family.
10:00 AM Family Described Movie & Discussion, TBD. We will share a family-friendly movie for your enjoyment. It’s highly likely because of licensing, only the audio and audio-description tracks will be aired. Afterwards we’ll chat about the film.
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Pre-Auction Showcase. Tune or zoom in to hear the prerecorded parade of great items up for bid this year. Familiarize yourself with the bidding process to give you the best chance of nabbing your favorite item.
3:00 PM PCB Live Auction, PCB Fund Development Team. Join the fun of raising funds for PCB and have a blast winning a great item. All conference registrants will be registered to bid automatically. If you are not registering for the conference but you want to participate in the auction, please sign up as a bidder by Noon on Saturday, October 29. To become a bidder, call 877-617-7407 or email pcboffice@pcb1.org. Provide your full name, city and state, phone number, email address, and type of payment you plan to use (check or credit card).


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