2022 Declared Board Candidates By PCB Nominating Team

The PCB Nominating Team has been searching for candidates who want to be elected to the PCB Board of Directors this fall. Five individuals have expressed their interest for the four available positions. In alphabetical order, they are as follows:

William Grignon, PAGDUS (incumbent)

Debbie Hill, Golden Triangle

George Holliday, PAGDUS

Nichole Keck, Keystone

Sandy Marsiglia, At-Large (incumbent)


Each of these candidates has recorded a statement to be shared with the organization.


Statements are posted to Box 2 of the PCB Information Line at 773-572-6314; on the digital cartridge following this edition of The PCB Advocate; and on the candidate page of our website at http://pcb1.org/conference/candidate-statements/.


In accordance with traditional protocol, the Nominating Team will announce its slate of four recommended candidates for the four board positions. This will be released via PCB communication channels on September 15. Candidates on the official slate will automatically be nominated during the election. All others interested in running for a board position (both declared and undeclared candidates) can be nominated from the floor of the convention.


The election will take place Saturday afternoon, October 29, 2022, during the business meeting of the PCB virtual Conference.


When you register for the Conference, you will be provided with the connection details to join the business meeting. Should you have any questions about the election process, reach out to Sue Lichtenfels, PCB Nominating Chair at 412-480-9696 or sueperlative73@gmail.com.


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