2022 Call For Session Proposals Deadline is July 1st


By Conference Program and Planning Team


PCB is seeking presentation submissions for its 87th annual statewide conference. The conference will be held virtually via the Zoom platform from Thursday, October 27, through Sunday, October 30, 2022. PCB welcomes session proposals relevant to this year’s theme of “TRIP To Self-Reliance: Tools, Resources, Information, and People.”


As a network of blind and visually impaired peers, PCB recognizes the importance that self-reliance plays in our quest to improve our lives and for all who are impacted by vision loss. Together, as we seek and build our destinies, we offer encouragement to people who are new to vision loss, provide peer support to one another, bring about a more accessible society, and break down attitudinal barriers. Self-reliance is your best self living your best life and, in that living, freeing those around you to do the same.


So, during this year’s annual conference, we will boldly explore the many ways that we all can set forth on a big adventure to where we’ve yet been – a journey of freedom, power, exploration, and celebration.


The conference planners seek proposals for presentations, workshops, and activities that will provide attendees with an interactive virtual experience. This year’s theme focuses on four main themes: TRIP: tools, resources, information, and people.


Tools can include, but are not limited to, low- and high-tech devices, personal skills, or adapting existing technologies and surroundings to maximize user access and usability, etc.


Resources can include, but are not limited to, non-profit and governmental entities, community and civic organizations, or non-blindness-specific resources that can be adapted for the vision loss community, etc.


Information can include, but is not limited to, blindness-related materials, accessible data sources that increase blind users’ awareness of and access to non-blindness-related knowledge bases, or methodologies and sources of assistance that empower blind users to explore and consume all sought information, etc.


People can include, but is not limited to, governmental agents, members of non-profit and civic organizations, mentors, subject-matter experts, or partners for collaborations that expand horizons, develop skills, and provide opportunities for self-expression and personal advancement, etc.


TRIP aims to boldly go beyond where peers have yet been. TRIP offers a broad array of possible session topics such as honestly identifying the things that keep you from journeying forth, exploring tools, skills, and practices that will strengthen and support you through your journey, creating your personal maps of exploration and discovery, challenging your time, talents, and triumphs to reach the next expression of your all-welcoming self, constructing shelters and shrines for others that mark your progress from where and who you were to where and who you long to be, and arriving at a you far beyond your first imaginings.


We welcome practical presentations that are down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts, and ready-to-use, as well as personal recollections and professional insights that open horizons, point out pitfalls, and beckon to new heights. It’s all about how we, in the many, can empower and encourage one another to dare be better individually and collectively.


We welcome session proposals from peers, vision professionals, vendors, community leaders, and subject-matter experts through June 1, 2022.


To obtain a Request for Session Proposals form, contact Chris Hunsinger at 412-881-9328, the PCB Office at (717) 920-9999 or (877) 617-7407, and, coming soon, the pcb1.org website. Submit your completed forms to presentations@pcb1.org by June 1, 2022.


Finally, feel free to forward the information to others who you believe would have an interest in participating in our conference.

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