2021 PCB Conference Program




Thursday, September 16 – Sunday, September 19, 2021



PCB—A Peer Network for All Who Are Impacted by Vision Loss





Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB)

P.O. Box 68

Volant, PA 16156

Local: 717-920-9999

Toll-Free: 877-617-7407

Email: pcboffice@pcb1.org     Web: pcb1.org

Information Line: 773-572-6314

Facebook: PACounciloftheBlind

Twitter: @PCB_Advocate




To promote independence and opportunities for people with vision impairments






Welcome! We’re glad you’re joining us for the 87th annual PCB Conference and Convention held virtually on Zoom and streamed on ACB Media. It’s been our pleasure to plan an informative and inspiring program around the theme of “Strengthening Community through Unity.”


As we began our planning this year, we were committed to living up to this year’s theme by making our conference more inclusive than ever. We worked to accomplish this in four ways: providing registration for free, offering an incentive prize for an individual who has referred others to register, sponsoring a toll-free option for registrants without unlimited long-distance,  and including automated Zoom captioning for peers who are hard of hearing. It’s our hope that the PCB Conference and Convention will become more inclusive every year.


We’ll kick off this year’s program with a new offering, interactive live exhibits on the virtual platform. Beginning Thursday at 10:00 AM, There are eight exhibitors ready to speak with registrants directly to share information, give product demos, and answer questions. We are most grateful to several companies, organizations, and chapters who have provided financial sponsorship for this year’s conference. You’ll hear from these underwriters throughout the weekend.


You’ll also be hearing the many voices from our team members who worked so hard to make this weekend an amazing success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of further assistance.


Warmest regards,

Sue Lichtenfels, Conference Coordinator




Tom Burgunder           Bob Lichtenfels

Gigi Beatty                  Rose Martin

Melissa Carney           Kelsey Nicolay

Suzanne Erb                Irene Rehman

Mary Ann Grignon       Pam Shaw

Chris Hunsinger          Tony Swartz

Doug Hunsinger          Jackie Wissinger




Our registration office will be open during the following times to register for the conference, purchase 50/50 raffle tickets, sign up a non-conference registrant for Sunday’s auction, become a PCB member, or make a financial contribution. Hours of operation within the Eastern time zone are:

Thursday- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday- 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday- 9 a.m. to Noon

Call: 717-920-9999 or Toll-Free: 877-617-7407

Email: pcboffice@pcb1.org





For technical assistance with Zoom:

Email techassist@pcb1.org

Call 412-294-8077

For conference-related information or questions:

Email conferenceinfo@pcb1.org

Call 717-920-9999 or 877-617-7407

For presenter and exhibitor concerns:

Email sueperlative73@gmail.com

Call 412-480-9696






As a registrant of the 2021 PCB Conference and Convention, your name has been automatically entered in our door prize drawing. Listen during the scheduled door prize times to see if you win. When your name is chosen, you will need to claim your prize.  You will be given 15 minutes to do so. If you are present on Zoom when your name is called, simply raise your hand.

If you are listening on ACB Media, contact our Door Prize King, Will Grignon directly at 727-564-9759 or

wgrignon13@gmail.com. Should a prize go unclaimed during the time window, both the name and the prize will go back in the pool for future drawings. Your claimed door prizes will be mailed to you at the address you provided during registration.






We are saddened to report the passing of the following PCB peers since our last conference.


Gil Busch, Golden Triangle

Bill Davis, Cumberland County

Anthony Evancic, Golden Triangle

Patricia Hayes, Washington County

Sharon Hollenbach, Washington County

Charles W. “Billy” Horne, Washington County

Harry J. “Joe” Williams, Washington County 

Matthew Schantz, Lehigh Valley

Judy Schell, Hank Bloomberg

Frank Spina, Washington County




As in other years, the PCB Business Meeting will be held on the Saturday afternoon of the conference. This meeting is only open to paid PCB members who have registered for the conference. If you are registered for the conference, but are not a paid PCB member for 2021, please do not join this meeting via Zoom. We welcome you to listen via ACB Media 8.


This year voting will be done by raising hands. We will utilize the virtual hand-raising mechanism provided to all participants regardless of whether you use a computer, smartphone, or regular phone. (Read the Zoom Tips section for directions.) When an issue is brought for a vote, we will count the hands raised for and those raised against. Each chapter will then be called on to cast its two delegate votes. The individual votes will be added with the chapter votes to determine the final count either for or against an issue. Please note, if there are multiple voting members in your household, you will need to log on through separate devices to each have a virtual hand to raise.



All Times Eastern

Streaming on ACB Media 8 Throughout Unless Noted
Please Register for Zoom Codes to Interact Live Here


Thursday, September 16, 2021



10:00 AM Live Interactive Exhibits begin.

10:00 AM HIMS Inc, Earle Harrison and Thomas Simpson. We believe the star of this year’s exhibits will be our BrailleSense 6 notetaker because it’s the fastest notetaker out there and it’s now running Android 10. And don’t miss learning more about the one-of-a-kind QBraille XL 40-cell braille display which pairs with your computer and screen reader better than your favorite wine and a good cheese.

11:00 AM Guide Lights and Gadgets, Barry Scheur and KaeAnn Rausch, Owners. We specialize in 3 lines of products, all intended to assist in access to adaptive electronics, enhance experiences for guide dog teams, and offer practical accessories for organization and travel. Then there are the random products that are included, just for fun! We work with our customers 1-on-1 to assure the proper selection of product to meet each individual customer’s goals and needs.

12:00 PM Guide Dog Foundation, Lauren Berglund, Consumer Relations Coordinator. For 75 years, the Guide Dog Foundation has trained and placed guide dogs and service dogs to provide increased independence and enhanced mobility to people who are blind, have low vision, or have other disabilities.  Once the decision is made to get a guide dog, applicants become part of the Foundations’ open and welcoming community and are supported with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, from highly empathetic and certified trainers to a meticulously constructed curriculum. Come learn more.

1:00 PM Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Maggie Felton, MSN, CRNP, Clinical Nurse Educator. Vanda offers the only approved treatment for Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder (Non-24), a serious, chronic disorder that disrupts a person’s circadian rhythms. Non-24 affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind, whether you were born blind or became so later in life.

1:30 PM Democracy Live, Bryan Finney, CEO. OmniBallot is an ADA compliant solution that allows people with disabilities to accessibly exercise their right to vote. We will demonstrate the accessibility our system offers.

2:00 PM The Seeing Eye, Chelsea White, Outreach Specialist. The Seeing Eye enhances the independence, dignity and self-confidence of people who are blind through the use of specially trained Seeing Eye® dogs. Come join folks from The Seeing Eye to learn about our program and what we’ve been up to lately. We love questions, so come ready to ask.

3:00 PM Accessible Pharmacy, Andy Burstein, Founder. Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind is a home delivery pharmacy service specializing in blind and low-vision patients. They are the only provider of its kind and the largest blind-owned healthcare company in America.

3:30 PM EnVision America: Advocating for Accessible Prescription Labels in the Store and at the State Capitol, Sharla Glass, Public Policy Liaison. For those who can’t clearly read their medication labels, accessible prescription labels can be crucial to ensuring medication safety and adherence. Find out more about advocating for accessible prescription labeling locally at your pharmacy and statewide through support of legislation such as Pennsylvania House Bill 89.

4:00 PM Concurrent Programming Begins


On ACB Media Stream 8:

4:00 PM Prerecorded Exhibits

4:45 PM Auction Item Showcase Preview. The bidding won’t begin until Sunday, but you don’t have to wait any longer to hear the parade of great items up for bid this year. Start making your wish list and familiarize yourself with the bidding process to give you the best chance of nabbing your favorite item.


On the Main Zoom Connection:

4:00 PM PCB Board of Directors’ Meeting. All are welcome. (Zoom Only)

5:15 Dinner Break

5:50 PM Pre-Session Entertainment

6:00 PM Conference Call to Order and Welcome, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President

6:03 PM Invocation, Jacqueline Wissinger, PCB Chaplain.

6:05 PM President’s Address, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President.

6:20 PM Necrology Remembrance, Jacqueline Wissinger, PCB Chaplain.

6:30 PM Door Prizes

6:45 PM Sharing Your Craft-Ability with the World. Panelists, Kaila Allen, Mike Grove, and Annie Pineda, and Facilitator, Mary Ann Grignon. Community, confidence, compensation, and charity can all be achieved when we pursue our crafty, creative aspirations. We will hear from a panel of creative individuals about their crafty journeys to success.

7:30 PM Low-tech Solutions to Get Grocery Essentials. Lisa Salinger and Jule Ann Lieberman, sponsored by the PCB Technology Access Team. Life changed dramatically for most of us in the past two years. Routine grocery shopping changed with social distance and limited transportation. This session discusses options to get the groceries you need even if you don’t have a computer or smart phone.

8:15 PM Proposed Bylaw Amendments, First reading. John Luttenberger, PCB Parliamentary Team.

8:35 PM Door Prizes & Announcements

8:45 PM Jeopardy for the Common Man (Women and Non -Binary Individuals Welcome), hosted by Tony Swartz and Blair Wissinger, sponsored by the Golden Triangle Council of the Blind, Community Advocate underwriter. Whether you love or hate the television game show, you will surely enjoy this homemade version of the popular game that has you guessing the question to meet the answer.

10:30 PM Exhibits Repeat on a Loop throughout the Overnight on ACB Media Stream 8.




Friday, September 17, 2021



9:00 AM Rise for a Prize Community Coffee. Join members of the Conference Program and Planning Team to start your morning off right. You bring the coffee, and we’ll provide the entertainment and prizes.

9:30 AM Finding Your Stride: How to Advocate for Yourself. Melissa Carney, PCB Director of Outreach and Engagement, underwritten by Democracy Live, Community Advocate. The first steps to becoming a strong self-advocate are determining when it is necessary, remaining in motion, and most importantly, obtaining confidence in your own abilities and persistence. Please join us for an interactive discussion on how to make your voice heard by speaking up for what you do or do not need as a blind individual. Each of us possess different identities, skillsets, life stories, access priorities, and so forth, but, as a community, we all experience challenges that can be negated through our words, actions, and efforts to maximize our autonomy.

11:00 AM Building Communities through Technology, Jule Ann Lieberman, MS CLVT/CATIS ATP, TechOWL. The TechOWL program provides all Pennsylvanians opportunities to explore a variety of technology devices which can assist persons who are blind or visually impaired in everyday life. This session will describe updates to the equipment lending library, options for obtaining special telephones, and devices to meet the distance communication needs of persons with both hearing loss and blindness. Learn how TechOWL has met the challenge during the pandemic with projects such as Connect with Tech. Learn how senior centers and adult communities are connecting with their clients through device loans to address social isolation.

12:00 PM Welcome to the PCB Community Lunch Lounge, sponsored by Vanda Pharmaceuticals, a 2021 Community Advocate and hosted by the PCB Peer Engagement Team. All individuals attending this conference for the first time and those newer to PCB are invited to socialize to learn more about each other and PCB. Ask questions. Find a mentor. Win a door prize. You won’t want to miss this special time together. (Zoom Only)

1:00 PM Increasing Accessibility with the Louie Voice App, Pramit Bhargava, App Developer. Created originally for Android phones but in development for iPhones, the Louie Voice is a voice-controlled app that performs tasks within other apps through voice commands. Louie’s developer will show us what we can do in apps such as YouTube, WhatsApp, and Uber. So, if you are ready to simplify your smartphone functionality and ease your inaccessibility frustrations, be sure to attend this session.

1:30 PM Support Groups- Sharing Ideas and Resources to Build a Stronger Peer Community. Marcy Graboyes, Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center, Jeanette Schmoyer, PCB Mentor and Residential Group Leader, and Jule Ann Lieberman, CVLT CATIS. Sponsored by the PCB Vision Loss Resource Team, this session will cover the role of support groups in the lives of persons impacted by vision loss or blindness. Join the experienced group leaders in discussion of their support groups, their settings, how they started a group and how they engage members. Come learn how to start a group in your area.

2:30 PM Door Prizes and Announcements

2:45 PM  Nurturing the Handler/Guide Dog Bond. Join Pennsylvania Guide Dog Users and Supporters (PAGDUS) and representatives from Guide Dog Foundation (GDF) as we discuss the bond with our trusty guides. In the first half, Lauren Berglund, GDF Consumer Relations Coordinator, and Cameron McLendon, GDF Graduate Support Manager, will discuss cultivating the unity of the handler and new dog team, including trust between the handler and new dog, and the information handlers can expect their guide dogs to provide. The second half of our session will focus on the handler perspective of bonding with our guides. A panel of PAGDUS members, who are graduates from various guide dog schools, will discuss the joys and challenges of bonding with our guides, whether it’s our first or sixth. They will  talk about bonding with a new guide dog after retirement, loss, and bonding with a new dog during the pandemic. Whether you’re an experienced or potential guide dog user, we hope you’ll join us.

3:45 PM Enabling the Deaf-Blind Community, Jessica Adams, Director of Deafstone and Melissa Hawkins, Director of the PA Office of Deaf & Hard of Hearing, sponsored by the Golden Triangle Council of the Blind, Community Advocate underwriter. Many individuals who are deaf-blind rely on the services of workers called SSP’s to assist them with bill paying, grocery shopping, doctor visits, and other errands. We will learn why these assistants are so important and what we can do to ensure future services continue.

4:15 PM Gadget Gallery, hosted by the PCB Peer Engagement Team and underwritten by Tech OWL, Community Organizer. Are you looking for ways to make your life a little easier? Never fear, just call a PCB peer! Make sure you have your note-taking materials nearby when a cadre of peers share information about their favorite life-simplifying gadgets.

5:15 PM Dinner Break

5:50 Pre-Session Entertainment

6:00 PM Volunteering outside of the Blind Community, with Panelists, Ellie Goldfon, Angela Hadbavny, Jody Mullis, and Art Rizzino, Facilitator, Sue Lichtenfels. Many of us who are blind or have vision loss are unemployed, multi-talented, and highly skilled, so let’s consider how we stop wasting our abilities at home and start playing an active role in strengthening our communities. A panel of individuals will discuss both the trials and triumphs of their volunteer experiences in mainstream society.

6:50 PM Door Prizes

7:00 PM Talk Description to Me, Podcast Hosts, Christine Malec and JJ Hunt. We will learn more about the unique podcast where the visuals of current events and the world around us get hashed out in description-rich conversations. In Talk Description to Me, discussions plunge into current events and topical issues to explore the content of important images and help place vivid descriptions in their cultural context. The show enhances our ability to connect with the vision-centric world.

7:45 PM Resolutions, First Reading, Carla Hayes, PCB Parliamentary Team.

8:00 PM Enhancing Architectural Accessibility. Chris Downey, Architecture for the Blind. As an experienced architect who lost his vision, Chris provides accessibility advice to builders. He recently consulted on the UPMC Vision Rehabilitation Hospital in Pittsburgh. He will share tips for the kinds of blind-friendly features we should be advocating for when buildings are constructed or renovated.

8:45 PM Door Prizes & Announcements

9:00 PM Two Truths and a Tall Tale, hosted by Mary Ann Grignon, sponsored by the Golden Triangle Council of the Blind. This game is all about faking out your peers. Contestants will be given one minute to tell two true statements and one tall tale about themselves. Then the inquisition panel gets two minutes to ask questions and expose which is the tall tale. Listen carefully from the audience because you’ll be the judge of which story is pure fiction.

11:00 PM Exhibits Repeat on a Loop throughout the Overnight on ACB Media Stream 8.


Saturday, September 18, 2021



8:30 AM Rise for a Prize Community Coffee. Join members of the Conference Program and Planning Team to start your morning off right. You bring the coffee, and we’ll provide the entertainment and prizes.

9:00 AM Questioning the Limitations of Vision Loss, Joseph Koury, Author and Tony Swartz, Facilitator. The presentation will include a discussion based on the book, “Seeing without Eyes,” considering multi-sensory development as a response of adaptation to vision loss. When at 19, Joe suddenly lost his vision, out of despair and fearing that he would be a burden to his family, he decided to embark on a trip hitch hiking across the United States. More than just a cross country journey, it turned out to be a quest of exploration and development of his remaining senses. Joe will briefly chronicle his journey and describe the abilities he developed, allowing him to build a successful life both personally and financially.

9:45 AM Enlightening News from LAMP, Andrea Lemoins, Outreach Coordinator, Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians. Many changes have occurred at our regional NLS libraries since we last heard from them at the PCB Conference. A new name, new equipment, and new outreach opportunities to name a few. You don’t want to miss the update from this invaluable community resource.

10:45 AM Door Prizes & Announcements

11:00 AM Focusing on Diversity. This discussion will share a variety of life perspectives from persons of varying ethnicities and races who are blind or visually impaired. Panelists will share some of the biases and challenges they face regularly within the vision loss community. They will explore ways for increasing diversity and inclusivity within the council.

12:15 PM Lunch Break


12:50 PM Get Connected for the PCB Business Meeting. Only paid 2021 PCB members who are registered for the conference may attend this event. All who expect to vote should be sure to join the meeting as an individual to retain their individual PCB vote. Since we will use Zoom’s hand-raising function, married couples, those using three-way calling, and others who typically share a connection should plan for accessing through their own device. If you need toll-free calling for this session, don’t delay contacting the PCB office at 877-617-7407 for the number.


1:00 PM Welcome and House Keeping Announcements, Christine Hunsinger, PCB President.

1:05 PM Team & Project Reports.

1:45 PM Treasurer’s Report, Michael Zaken, PCB Treasurer.

2:15 PM 2022 Conference Site Selection, Mary Ann Grignon and Bob Lichtenfels, PCB Conference Program and Planning Team.

2:35 PM Action on Proposed Bylaw Amendments, John Luttenberger, PCB Parliamentary Team.

3:20 PM Action on Resolutions, Carla Hayes, PCB Parliamentary Team.

3:35 PM Election of Board Members, William Grignon, PCB Nominations Team.

4:30 PM Door Prizes and Adjournment.



6:20 PM PCB Virtual Banquet, sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children,  Pre-Session Entertainment.

6:30 PM Greetings and Sponsor Acknowledgements, Sue Lichtenfels, Conference Coordinator.

6:35 PM Drawing the 50/50 Conference Raffle. These $5 tickets may be purchased by calling 877-617-7407 before Noon of this day.

6:40 PM PCB Student Merit Award, Suzanne Erb, PCB Board of Directors.

6:50 PM PCB Award Presentations, William Grignon, PCB Board of Directors.

7:30 PM Strengthening Community through Unity, Jonathan Mosen MNZN, Disability Advocate, Multi-Media Producer, and Assistive Technology Consultant. Born congenitally blind, Jonathan Mosen has been breaking barriers throughout his life. As the creator of ACB Radio in 1999 and the more recent Mushroom FM, he’s been a pioneer in internet radio for decades. He’s shared his knowledge and insight through podcasts, lectures, books, articles, tutorials, product reviews, and more. A native New Zealander, Jonathan’s impact on the blind community is worldwide. Be sure to join us as Jonathan speaks on “Strengthening Community through Unity.”

8:15 PM Open Mic Night, hosted by Pam Shaw and Bob Lichtenfels. This is an opportunity to share your talents, passions, and interests with our PCB community in a safe space. Consider what you might share, a story, song, poem, tongue twister, brain teaser, instrumental, comedy, impersonations, essay, etc. Participants will be given up to five minutes to share/perform. Come hang out and you might win a door prize.

10:30 PM Exhibits Repeat on a Loop throughout the Overnight on ACB Media Stream 8.


Sunday, September 19, 2021


7:30 AM Benjamin Franklin Museum Audio Described Tour, produced by Audio Description Associates. (Only available on ACB Media Stream 8) Explore Benjamin Franklin’s life and legacy through his character traits. The exhibit area is divided into five “rooms” with each room focusing on a particular trait: ardent and dutiful, ambitious and rebellious, motivated to improve, curious and full of wonder, and strategic and persuasive.



10:55 AM Creating Audio Description, Dr. Joel Snyder, ACB Audio Description Project. We’ve all enjoyed audio described tours and movies, but what’s involved in the process of bringing the content to life. Let’s ask the AD expert.

11:15 AM Family-Friendly Described Movie: We Can Be Heroes (December 2020, Rated PG). When alien invaders kidnap Earth’s superheroes, their kids are whisked away to a government safe house. But whip-smart tween Missy Moreno will stop at nothing to rescue her superhero dad, Marcus Moreno. Missy teams up with the rest of the superkids to escape their mysterious government babysitter, Ms. Granada. If they’re going to save their parents, they’ll have to work together by using their individual powers – from elasticity to time control to predicting the future – and form an out-of-this-world team. Only the audio and audio-description tracks will be aired. Our sincerest appreciation to Netflix for providing us with this movie.

1:00 PM Eastern State Penitentiary Audio Tour. Visit this historic site outside of Philadelphia. Hear the stories shared by former inmates and guards, and the historians who have worked to preserve the site.

1:30 PM Pre-Auction Showcase. Tune in or zoom to hear the prerecorded parade of great items up for bid this year. Familiarize yourself with the bidding process to give you the best chance of nabbing your favorite item.

3:00 PM PCB Live Auction, PCB Fund Development Team. Join the fun of raising funds for PCB and have a blast winning a great item. All conference registrants will automatically be signed up to participate in the auction action. If you are not registering for the conference but you want to participate in the auction, please sign up as a bidder by Noon on Saturday, September 18. To become a bidder, call 877-617-7407 or email pcboffice@pcb1.org. Provide your full name, city and state, phone number, email address, and type of payment you plan to use (check or credit card).




All conference sessions will be held on the Zoom platform. Zoom gives us a robust mechanism to manage large groups of attendees, multiple presenters, meeting security, and orderly discussions. Zoom is accessible whether you choose to use a computer, smartphone, tablet, or landline. Here are some tips for connecting on Zoom followed by some communication protocols.


On a Windows Computer:

Click the provided link to launch.

Download Zoom software if prompted.

Enter your name/email and click the Join button.

Raise your hand with question/comment Alt-Y

Mute/Unmute your audio when prompted Alt-A

Quit the current meeting Alt-Q or

Close the meeting window Alt-F4

Access the tool bar to tab through Audio, Video, and Chat options Control-Shift-Alt


On a Mac Computer:

Click the provided link to launch.

Download Zoom software if prompted.

Enter your name/email and use Command-J to join.

Raise your hand with question/comment Option-Y.

Mute/Unmute your audio when prompted Command-Shift-A

Leave the meeting Command-W.


With a Smartphone/Tablet:

Click the Mobile number or Internet link provided.

Select Dial/Call or Internet connection.

Download Zoom app if prompted.

Enter your name/email and click the Join button.

Swipe right and left through the buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

Double tap the button you want.

Raise Your Hand button with a comment or question.

Mute/Unmute button to toggle your audio when prompted.

Leave button to disconnect.


On a Landline Phone:

Dial the Phone number provided. (This is a long-distance toll call.)

Contact the PCB office if you need the toll-free number.

Enter the Meeting ID followed by # sign.

Enter the session Password if provided, otherwise hit # sign.

Raise your hand with a comment or question *9

Mute/Unmute your audio *6


Communication Protocols:

Once you have reached the virtual meeting room, in most cases, you will be muted. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, indicate such by raising your virtual hand. The host will allow you to speak when it’s your turn. He or she will address you by your name if you typed it in before joining, your email address if that was provided instead, or the last four digits of your phone number. The host will ask you to go ahead and unmute yourself to speak. At this point you would hit Alt-A, Command-Shift-A, the Unmute button, or *6, depending on which device you are using.

Please have your question or comment ready and make your point quickly to allow time for others to contribute.

Begin your remarks by stating your name. Speak loudly and clearly throughout your remarks so they can be captioned accurately.

Do your best to avoid background noise. If using a screen reader such as JAWS, please use headphones so we don’t hear the jabbering when you are unmuted. Stay muted whenever you are not speaking.

This year we are offering automated closed captioning through Zoom. As you enter the webinar, you should receive a notification that captioning is available if you wish to use it.

Do not speak over other people. Please be patient and respectful of others while they are speaking.

We will all have a pleasant and productive convention if we all practice good communication skills.







When you need a break from Zoom, you can tune into the broadcast of the 2021 PCB Conference and Convention on the ACB Media Network. The only event not being streamed is the PCB Board of Directors’ meeting. This will only be available via Zoom at 4:00 PM on Thursday. Here are several ways to access ACB Media 8 where we will be streamed.

  • Stream the audio on an internet-enabled device such as a computer or notetaker by visiting: acbmedia.org and selecting Stream 8.
  • Tell an Amazon Echo device, “Enable ACB Media Network.” When prompted for the stream say, “ACB Media 8.”
  • Download the ACB Link app to your smartphone (iPhone and Android).
  • Listen on the telephone by calling 518-906-1820.
  • Use the Internet Radio feature on a Victor Reader Stream to access ACB Media Network.




Community Organizers $1,000


Phone: 800-204-7428

Website: techowlpa.org

Email: TechOWL@temple.edu


Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Phone: 412-621-0100

Website: www.wpsbc.org

Email: wiedders@wpsbc.org



Community Advocate $500

Democracy LIVE, Inc.

Phone: 855-655-8683

Website: democracylive.com/

Email: info@democracylive.com


Golden Triangle Council of the Blind

Thomas Burgunder, President

Phone: 412-502-6931

Email: tjburg@verizon.net


Vanda Pharmaceuticals –

Non-24 Circadian Rhythm Disorder

Phone: 202-579-8035

Website: vandapharma.com

Email: maggie.felton@vandapharma.com



Community Supporter $250

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Phone: 202-874-3256

Website: www.moneyfactory.gov

Email: tracy.garrett@bep.gov



En-Vision America

Phone: 800-890-1180

Website: www.envisionamerica.com

Email: customerservice@envisionamerica.com


Hank Bloomberg Chapter

Mike Peterson, President

Phone: 814-205-4555

Email: itsmike@gmail.com


Philadelphia Regional Chapter

Shirley M. Brotman, President

Phone: 215-745-5873.


Sights for Hope

Phone: 610-433-6018

Website: SightsforHope.org

Email: dennis@sightsforhope.org


Washington County Council of the Blind

Carla Hayes, President

Phone: 724-981-8184

Email: lengual@verizon.net



Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind

Phone: 215-799-9900

Website: www.accessiblepharmacy.com

Email: info@accessiblepharmacy.com


The Carroll Center for the Blind

Phone: 617-969-6200

Website: carroll.org

Email: dina.rosenbaum@carroll.org


Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Phone: 631-930-9055

Website: www.guidedog.org

Email: consumerservices@guidedog.org


GuideLights and Gadgets, Inc.

Website: www.guidelightsandgadgets.us

For gadgets and leather…

Phone: 617-969-7500

Email: bscheur.gadgetsandtech@gmail.com

For all things dog…

Phone: 781-286-1696

Email: guidlightdogs@gmail.com


HIMS, Inc.

Phone: 512-837-2000

Website: hims-inc.com

Email: sales@hims-inc.com


Lengua-Learn Communications
Foreign language instruction, and educational and technical learning products

Phone: 724-941-8184

Website: lengua-learn.com

Email: lengual@verizon.net


Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians

Phone: 800-242-0586

Website: MyLAMP.org

Email: info@MyLAMP.org


Loving Touch Connection

Phone: 610-657-9869

Website: touchedbyfantasy.com/loving_touch_connection.html

Email: lovingtouchconnection@gmail.com


The Seeing Eye Inc.

Phone: 973-539-4425

Website: www.seeingeye.org

Email: Whitec@seeingeye.org



In-Kind Conference Donors

ACB Media Zoom Hosting & Streaming

Audio Description Associates Ben Franklin Museum Tour

Keystone Council Door Prizes

Netflix We Can Be Heroes Audio-Described Movie

Stuffed Puff Marshmallows Jeopardy Participant Prizes



As of August 22 Registrations


Gloria Aceves                   Eugene Batke

Gigi Beatty                        Shirley Brotman

Louise Chuha                    Felix Colaizzo

Sherri Crum                      Ed Facemyer

Cynthia Gibbs-Pratt          Johna Gravitt

Mary Ann Grignon             George Holliday

John Horst                        Christine Hunsinger

Douglas Hunsinger           Patty Jarrett

Bob Lichtenfels                Susan Lichtenfels

Jule Ann Lieberman         Cathy Long

Barbara Marks                        Sandy Marsiglia

Shelly Miller                      Daisy Morgan

Bette Passanante-Rodriguez

Judy Pauza                       Lee Pupo

Irene Rehman                   Jeanette Schmoyer

Mark Senk                         Roberta Simmons

Rodger Simmons              Anthony Swartz

Elaine Young                     Michael Zaken




The Carroll Center for the Blind, located in Newton, Massachusetts, provides residential programs for adults in independent living, technology, and vocational preparation. Comprehensive vision rehabilitation programs are designed for both adults new to vision loss and those who have had a significant recent loss in vision. Young adults transitioning out of high school are also served at the Carroll Center. Intensive programs provide training and support to make the physical and emotional adjustments to living with blindness and for supporting employment skills and independent living potential. During the summer, youth ages 14 to 21 years, can engage in a variety of transition, pre-college or pre-work experiences. Remote technology programs are also available. A new Screen Reader User Tester Training Program is a campus-based program that prepares persons to obtain employment in the field of digital accessibility. Learn more about programs at the Carroll Center by visiting https://carroll.org/#who-we-serve or email kathy.felt@carroll.org.


HIMS is pleased to join this year’s PCB conference. We’d have loved to be with you this year, but things happen, and you make the best of it. If we could be there, the star of the show would be the BrailleSense 6 notetaker. It makes sense. As more people get one, the positive reviews just keep coming in, and now everyone wants to try it out. It’s the fastest notetaker out there and has Android 10, so what’s not to love? But HIMS has more to offer than the BrailleSense 6, including the QBraille XL 40-cell braille display. It’s one of a kind, and pairs with your computer and screen reader better than your favorite wine and a good cheese, or a good book and a cozy evening. Contact us today to learn more about what HIMS has to offer at 512-837-2000, email at

sales@hims-inc.com, or online at hims-inc.com.


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) provides a free, stand-alone currency reader to all eligible blind or visually impaired U.S. Citizens and national residents. This device is small enough to fit in a pocket and runs on one AAA battery. Simply place the bill in the slot, press a button and the denomination of the bill will either be announced with synthesized speech, felt through vibrations, or heard through beeps. In addition, those using a smart phone can download a free currency identification app.  In the Apple Store, download EyeNote and from the Google Play Store, download IDEAL. If you are already an NLS patron, you can contact your regional library for application assistance to receive your free currency reader. To apply online, go to moneyfactory.com/uscurrencyreaderpgm.html

for the application. For more information, call toll-free 844-815-9388 or email



How is OmniBallot Accessible?

OmniBallot is a fully ADA Section 508, WCAG 2.1 compliant remote ballot marking solution. The system has been tested to meet the accessibility requirements of over 90 combinations of browsers, operating systems, screen readers and devices. OmniBallot has been deployed as an accessible absentee tool since 2009, deployed in 21 states, 2,500 jurisdictions and has been tested and reviewed by members of most every leading disability organization in the nation.



En-Vision America works with pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states to provide FREE accessible prescription labels to patients upon request. These labels include ScripTalk Talking Labels, Large Print Labels, Dual Language/Translation Labels, Braille Labels and Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs). Call us today at 1-800-890-1180 or visit www.envisionamerica.com to find a participating pharmacy near you and learn more.


The Golden Triangle Council of the Blind (GTCB) is a peer network that meets monthly to discuss and strategize solutions to issues affecting the Allegheny County area’s blind and visually impaired community. GTCB peers are individuals of varying vision levels and ages committed to the objectives of independence, opportunity, equality, and accessibility. Peers help individuals who are new to vision loss take advantage of available services, assistive devices, and resources that enable them to remain active and productive.

Beyond mentoring and providing peer support, GTCB peers advocate with public officials, community organizations, and businesses to make life easier for people who are blind or visually impaired.


GuideLights and Gadgets / GuideLight Dogs:  Gadgets, Leather, and all things DOG.

New: Non-collapsing sturdy 7 section aluminum telescopic canes

Backpacks, purses, pouches, and bags!

New 5 pocket rugged Cowhide Neck Pouch

New huge leather waist pack, will fit your 40 cell Braille display

Accurate “hospital use” infrared talking thermometer and BPM

Toys, grooming, travel, lights, and safety items: and so much more! Barry and Kae welcome you to our corner of the world!


The Philadelphia Regional Chapter, An Affiliate of The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind, Meets BY PHONE on the second Saturday of each month AT 10:00 A.M.  All are welcome.  Contact PRC president Shirley M. Brotman at 215-745-5873.


Sights for Hope is proud to be a Community Supporter of the 2021 Pennsylvania Council of the Blind conference. Having successfully rebranded from Center for Vision Loss to Sights for Hope in April of 2021, we are excited to be kicking off a new service year with a renewed focus on hope over loss as we continue to support individuals living with visual impairments in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and Monroe County.


TechOWL at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University administers the iCanConnect program for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. iCanConnect is a special free program to help people who have combined hearing and vision loss to access telephone, advanced communications, and information services. There are income requirements for this program. iCanConnect gets people equipment to help them make a phone call, send an email, access the internet, or use other communications tools to talk with family, friends, and other people. To be eligible for iCanConnect, you must have both significant vision and hearing loss, and meet the program’s income guidelines. Once we determine that you are eligible, you will be contacted to schedule an equipment assessment. After the assessment, equipment will be ordered for you. For more information, please visit TechOWLpa.org/deafblind/.


Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder Non-24 has High Prevalence and Low Awareness in the Blindness Community. Up to 70% of people who are totally blind have Non-24 and may not even know it. People living with Non-24 may experience trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, have a strong urge to sleep during the day, and have sleep patterns that are different from most people. For more information, contact Maggie Felton at maggie.felton@vandapharma.com or 202-579-8035.


The Washington County Council of the Blind offers support, advocacy, education and fellowship through monthly chapter meetings, and educational and social events. To learn more, call Carla Hayes: 724-941-8184.  “WCCB: We Promote and Orchestrate Independence!”


The Mission of the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children is to nurture the unique abilities of individuals with blindness and visual impairment through educational excellence and a lifetime of learning. The school provides individualized educational, medical, and therapeutic services to nearly 500 children and adults from infancy to 59 years of age from 33 counties in western Pennsylvania. All children attending our on-campus programs have a visual impairment or blindness, most of them with additional multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions. Programming is provided through our On-Campus school programs, A Child’s VIEW inclusive childcare, Learning Adventures for the Visually Impaired (LAVI) Adult Program, Residential Program and Outreach Services.
WPSBC aims to celebrate unique abilities, uphold educational excellence, and provide lifetime program support. We have adapted our programs and services over time to best support the needs of our students and have created opportunities for each student to achieve their own unique success.





Thanks to LVCB through all the years since 1993, and to PCB and ACB for all the valuable information and good friends along the way! – Jeanette Schmoyer


Hello to all members and exhibitors.  Thank you for supporting a wonderful cause like PCB! – Shelly Miller


Bring your money to the auction! – Eugene Batke


Looking forward to getting to know my peers better this conference where our strengths unify our community. – Mary Ann Grignon


I am blessed and honored to be part of such a great organization!! – Gigi Beatty


Go Keystone!  Go PCB! – Anthony Swartz


I love the book club calls and The Advocates updates.  Thanks for PCB’s encouragement. – Barbara Marks


You are doing a great job Autumn; PCB is lucky to have you. – Michael Zaken


Thank you teams, board members, officers, and volunteers for all you do for PCB. – Douglas Hunsinger


If you want to learn a new skill, spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day on it. – Cathy Long


PCB rocks and rolls! – Chris Hunsinger


Thanks to my mentor, Cathy Long, for helping me in my adjustment to vision loss, and involvement in PCB. – Cynthia Gibbs-Pratt


Congratulations to the Conference Committee – you’re doing a great job.  Wishing everyone well. – Shirley Brotman


Happy 25th Anniversary Tom and Sandy Marsiglia! – Sandy Marsiglia


To my Conference Program and Planning Team, thanks for your hard work.  You rock! – Sue Lichtenfels


I am out of chocolate!  Life is crap.  Bill, do you get my point? – Irene Rehman





Cumberland County Care and Share (Inactive)

Golden Triangle Tom Burgunder

412-502-6931 tjburg@verizon.net

Hank Bloomberg Michael Peterson

814-205-4555 itsmike@gmail.com

JFK David Lee Shaw

215-747-4886 no email

Keystone Cathy Long

717-732-5265 long.cathy1223@gmail.com

Lehigh Valley Gary Dvorshak

610-264-9453 garydvorshak@outlook.com

Oil Valley Ron Montgomery

814-365-2475 ronaldmontgomery49@windstream.net

PAGDUS Rose Martin

215-756-1624 rosemary.martin92@gmail.com

Philadelphia Regional Shirley Brotman

215-745-5873 no email

Washington County Carla Hayes
724-941-8184 lengual@verizon.net

York County Wendy Shope

717-675-0452 cowboys140@aol.com





Christine Hunsinger, President…..412-881-9328

Mary Ann Grignon, 1st VP……………570-807-1276

Rosemary Martin, 2nd VP…………….215-756-1624

Jacqueline Wissinger, Secretary..814-765-6768

Michael Zaken, Treasurer………….412-655-1234

Sue Lichtenfels, Past President….412-480-9696

Suzanne Erb, Director………………..215-568-5795

William Grignon, Director…………..727-564-9759

George Holliday, Director…………..215-796-9813

Jule Ann Lieberman, Director…….610-688-6517

Cathy Long, Director…………………717-732-5265

Sandy Marsiglia, Director…………..717-635-9937

Robert Shingleton, Director………..484-529-4911

Scott Stauffer, Director……………..717-842-0069

Melissa Carney, Director of Outreach & Engagement………………………..717-884-8584

Autumn Imhoff, Administrative Secretary……….……..……………717-920-9999

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